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"Hehe, just leave it to me! Bang!"
―BB Donpa's first words when confronting Gynamo and after being identified by the Bowzock leader.[src]
"I'm home!"
―BB Donpa when returning to the Baribarian and his final words before his death.[src]

BB Donpa (ビービードンパ BīBī Donpa, 2, 9) is a music conductor Gorotsuki.

Character History

Known as the "Beethoven of Outer Space", he is Bowzock's best music conductor, able to blast sound waves from the horns on his wrists in his Donpa Beam, Donpa is sent by Gynamo to cause a racket loud enough for UFOs to blow the planet up for the Bowzock. Once on Earth, Donpa carries out the plan by making cars fly around in a musical number with their car horns on full blast. But when the Carrangers arrive to stop him, Donpa uses the cars to smash them until Dappu brings the Giga Formula to them. Using the Formula Weapons, the Carrangers drive off the Wumpers and Zelmonda before forming the Formula Nova to blast Donpa as he escapes on his bike. Though he survived, Donpa couldn't stop his horns from making a racket as a UFO arrives near the Baribarian and vaporizes him with only his arm remaining.

GSC-BB Donpa v2

BB Dodonpa

He reappeared, slightly modified, as BB Dodonpa (ビービードドンパ BīBī Dodonpa), in a dream Kyosuke had in episode 9. This dream Gorotsuki fought RV Robo, which the Carranger did not possess at the time of their initial battle.


A famous space musician, he showed up to offer his services to the Bowzock. A boastful individual he is very proud of his musical abilities. He's fairly intelligent, coming up with a weird, but effective plan to defeat the Carrangers. However, his overconfidence and lack of control over his powers ultimately lead to his death.

Modus and Arsenal

He had the power to control cars and make them fly, using them in his plan to defeat the Carrangers. He had cars from all over the world fly through the skies, honking their horns and blasting music, in an attempt to attract ships full of angry aliens to attack Earth, forcing the rangers to not only fight the Bowzock, but also other aliens, while crashing the cars into them when they tried to interfere.



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  • BB Donpa was voiced by late Kazumi Tanaka in his only Super Sentai role.
  • Donpa is the first monster to be summoned from the Gorotsuki, Reckless Driving FIre Engine was created instead of being summoned.
    • He also is the first monster to be given the distinction of "the Bowzock's best..." In this case, it was the Bowzock's greatest music conductor.

Behind the Scenes

  • His name comes from Beethoven
  • His motifs are the ones of a musician, a loudspeaker and a zombie.

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