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Ayumi Shiraishi (白石 歩美 Shiraishi Ayumi) is a young girl who discovered that Kenta Date is MegaRed of the Megarangers.

Character History

Some time before the series starts, Ayumi and her brother, who had been attending Moroboshi High School, the Megarangers' high school, has at first aspired to be an astronaut so they can take a moon rock, however, her brother died of sickness before they could achieve their dream.

She discovered that Kenta Date, one of the students in her late brother's school is Mega Red, and blackmailed him into accompanying her all day to the point that Kenta finally snapped when she asked for him for a moon rock.

The next day, when she was visiting her brother's grave, she was attacked and cornered by the Lizard Nezilar, who possibly sensed her connection to Mega Red. Luckily, the Megarangers came just in time and defeated the monster, normal sized and giant sized. However, it was not over yet, as NeziRed briefly held her hostage before the Megarangers came down from the Mega Voyager and fight him before NeziBlack came and interfere.

The episode ended with Kenta and her visiting her brother's grave as well as Kenta and her going to space to take a moon rock.

Behind the scenes



Ayumi is seen in Power Rangers in Space due to an error.

Ayumi Shiraishi was portrayed by Mai Oohira (大平麻衣 Ōhira Mai). A brief footage of her appearance was used as a stand-in for the character Silvy Larson, during the scene where the Lizard Nezilar (Datascammer in the corresponding episode) got her cornered after running away from him.

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