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Automon, along with Gerrok, Steelon, and Tezzla, was one of the remnant Machine Empire Generals led by General Venjix.



Automon and the other generals, along with an army of Cogs, survived Zordon's Energy Wave which destroyed the Machine Empire. (Countdown to Destruction).

Years later, the generals decided to avenge the "untimely destruction" of King Mondo. They went to the Moon, to dig up Lord Zedd's old war machine, Serpentera. After digging up the war machine, it was powered with a Neo Plutonium reactor. However, before they could put their plans into action, ten Red Rangers stormed into the base and defeated the Cogs.

When he and the other generals attempted to board Serpentera, they were stopped by the Red Rangers again. As the other Generals fought Red Rangers, Automon fought T.J. Johnson, the Red Turbo Ranger, and Leo Corbett, the Red Galaxy Ranger with a sword type weapon. Despite his best efforts, Automon was destroyed by the Turbo Lightning Sword (in a possible reference to the Turbo Megazord's finishing move). (Forever Red)


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