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"No! He disturbed my sleep!"
―Autochthon after the Rangers told to let David go.[src]

"What? I don't even know you."
―Autochthon upon meeting King Mondo[src]

"Alright! Thanks little guy."
―Autochthon's first words being enlarged[src]

"Why you.... I oughta....."
―Autochthon's final words before his demise.[src]

Autochthon ('Aw-Tock-thon') is an ancient silkworm-themed evil spirit, who was also known as Top Gun, that was accidentally awakened by Tommy Oliver's brother David Trueheart. He serves as the primary antagonist of the episode "Brother, Can You Spare an Arrowhead?" the second part of the two-part episode.


Autocthon was an evil spirit, that was sealed by a warrior 1,000 years ago. He awoke in early 1996 and does battle with Tommy Oliver's older brother, thinking that he was the one that woke him up. Both he, and the monster, are teleported by King Mondo, and as the Zeo Rangers appear, so to does an army of Cogs. Though, a bit confused, by the situation, Autochthon offered to help the Cogs, thus aligning himself with the Machine Empire, and both forces easily overpowered the monster. The Rangers then teleported away. He later appeared on the beach, before he does battle with the Zeo Rangers. He had the upper hand, at first, but thanks to Tanya Sloan using her spin strike using her Zeo II Power Clubs, the Rangers were able to take him out with the Zeo Power Kick. Klank and Orbus were able to enlarge him so the Rangers formed the Zeo Megazord to take on this monster. Autocthon originally overpowered the Zeo Megazord, by firing strings to tie it up, and electrocute it. However, Tommy summons the Red Battlezord to fight back Autochthon, knocking him back with a crippling blast of energy from it's piston arms, and free the Zeo Megazord. Knowing that they need more firepower, with the monster shrugging off the Zeo II Battle Helmet energy blasts, they combined the Zeo Megazord and the Zeo Battlezord to form the Zeo Mega Battlezord, destroying Autochthon once and for all.


Not much is known about Autochthon but he is shown to be an extremely aggressive monster that will destroy anyone in his path, though despite this, he did help out the Cogs during the battle with the Zeo Rangers.

Powers and Abilities


  • Lighting Beams: Autochthon can fire a rainbow colored lighting beams from the circles on top of his neck, these beams are highly devastating, being able to bring down all five Zeo Rangers in just one blast.
  • Energy Laser Blast Spread: Autochthon can fire clear light blue colored energy laser blasts in a spread from the four holes on his chest.
  • String Barrage: Autochthon can fire strings from either his mouth or hands to tie up his enemies.
    • Lighting Effect: Autochthon can also power up the strings with light blue colored electricity.


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  • Fists: While lacking in weapons, Autochthon can fight with his own bare fists.

Behind the Scenes


  • Autochthon is voiced by Richard Epcar whose voice for Autochthon serves as the standard for all of his voice roles. Amongst other monsters, Shellshock's voice and Mutitus' grunts and growls are identical to Autochthon's voice and own exertions.


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  • Autochthon is the first (and only) monster, in the entire Power Rangers franchise, to have rainbow colored lightning beams, so far.
  • Autochthon is the only monster in Zeo that is never shown teleporting since he is only ever teleported by the Machine Empire or just fights to the death.
  • Autocthon is one of only four monsters from Zeo not to have been made by the Machine Empire. The others were the Hydro Contaminator, Borax and the Varox, and (technically) the Impursonator.
    • Ironically, all of these monsters were exclusive to the Machine Empire Baranoia and were not part of separate species/villain groups.


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