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Aurora Box

Aurora Box

The Aurora Box is a prized possession and powerful ancient artifact that can be used as a military weapon.

According to its custodian, Vrak, it is handed down through legend to be able to increase the strength of its user a hundredfold and turn any monster into an unstoppable force.

It was lend to the Toxic Mutants as a last resort to eliminate the Megaforce when Bigs and Bluefur at last grow tired of defeat.

Bigs quickly recognized the Aurora Box's potential and even sensed the massive amount of energy emanating from it immediately after touching it. Bluefur is also convinced of its might shortly after the first test is carried out.

Before it was truly used, it was tested on Dream Snatcher, who was able to create Roots of Despair capable of rotting away the Earth after being empowered. Despite the Mutant's defeat, Bigs and Bluefur decided to use it again in their final attack.

Only the Toxic Mutants can fully summon, harness and muster its utmost power.

As the Megaforce defeated Bigs and headed to confront Bluefur, the Gosei Ultimate Command Ship broke free from it, causing the Aurora Box to implode and shatter, much to Bluefur's shock and dismay.

Admiral Malkor mentions its failure after Dream Snatcher was defeated and recalls its destruction shortly after mourning the deaths of Creepox, Bigs and Bluefur.

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