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"I am Auric the Conqueror, defender of all that is good and true! Auric does not bring harm to others, little man. I will not be subject to a barbarian like you."
―Auric the Conqureror's first words when unleashed by Louie Kaboom.[src]

"Zordon? Did you say Zordon?!  Hold it right there, metal boy. I want to hear what this is all about. All that fight for good know the name of Zordon. I fear I have made a mistake."
―Auric the Conquror allying with the Zeo Rangers.[src]

Auric the Conqueror was an ancient tiki warrior that served as an ally to the Zeo Rangers.

Character History


Auric the Conqueror was usually found as a small statuette of a head with a key hole on its face. With the golden key of Auric, the bearer can unlock Auric causing him to expand to his full size of over 40 stories tall or to a more humanoid size of roughly 8 feet tall. He fought evil for many years before going into hibernation in his tiki.


Auric is dormant on the tropical Mysterio Island for countless years but is discovered in 1995 by Tanya Sloan's parents after an expedition which lasts many years. "The lost tiki of Auric", as he is called in Africa, is up until that time a myth only. However, Louie Kaboom captures Aurc's tiki and unleashes him to destroy the Earth only for Auric to refuse to aid in evil and goes back inside his tiki. However, Prince Sprocket convinces him that the Machine Empire are heroic whereas the Zeo Rangers are evil conquerors until the Zeo Rangers manage to convince him otherwise. After this, Tanya chooses Jason Lee Scott, the current Gold Ranger, to be the keeper of Auric. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Lore of Auric

After Prince Gasket and Princess Archerina trap most of the Zeo Rangers in a mansion, Kat summons Auric to help fight them and the Nuklifier. However, Auric takes a beating until he had to enlarge and destroy the monster when the Warrior Wheel is unsuccessful. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Mystery to Me

When the Cog Changer and Impursonator take control of the Zeo and Super Zeo Megazords, the Zeo Rangers summon Auric who tries to orchastrate peace between the two. However, the Impursenator uses an energy stream to scare him back into his tiki. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Rangers of Two Worlds

Auric has not been seen since being scared away by the Impusenator and his current status and whereabouts are unknown.


Auric the Conquer, despite his name, is a benevolent and kind being who despises evil in all forms. Auric lives to protect the weak and to fight evil, though he always prefers to try and talk through a situation, before he uses violence (though this almost never works). He does not like to be deceived, and goes into a rage, when such happens to him. He's extremely powerful, once defeating a monster the Super Zeo Megazord couldn't stop, with one swing from his sword, but isn't very smart and is very gullible. Unfortunately, Auric can be cowardly and if frightened he will retreat into his Tiki form like a turtle retreats into its shell.

Powers and Abilities



  • Strength: Auric was able to match the Super Zeo Megazord and Nuklifier in battle easily, knocking the latter to the ground with a single punch.
  • Durability: Amongst other things, Auric was stabbed by Nuklifier's spear, slashed by Archerina's bow, and blasted by Nuklifier's flamethrower without serious injury.
  • Self Enlargement: Auric could make himself grow at will, independently of his tiki, by engulfing himself in orange energy. This was shown when he grew to stop Nuklifier.


  • Flight: Auric could fly using jet thrusters in his boots but this was only shown when he left the Machine Skybase.
  • Super Breath: Auric could exhale white steam from his mouth strong enough to send Prince Sprocket flying back to the Moon.


  • Gladiator Sword: Auric wielded a massive grey gladiator-like sword in battle.
    • Anti-Gravity Beam Projection: Auric could fire red lightning from his sword capable of lifting Pyramidas up into the air.
    • Energy Beams: Auric was able to fire a long red beam from his sword that nearly destroyed Pyramidas.
    • Energy Slash: Auric's finishing attack where he holds his sword in his right hand, turned it to the side, and ran his hand along it to charge it up with bright golden energy. He would then raise it and swing it downwards, cutting through the monster and destoying it near-immediately. This was only used to destroy Nuklifier.

Behind the Scenes



  • Auric the Conqeueror's name was a misnomer considering his personality.


  • In early promotional toy material, Auric was referred to as the Gold Ranger's Zord.


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