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The visage of Buddha that appears when the Maskmen use Meditation

Aura Power (オーラパワー Ōra Pawa) is an energy source manipulated and controlled by the Maskmen, who channel it via their Meditation (メディテーション Meditēshon) techniques & weaponry. It is ingrained in the body, and when the body is trained, it can be utilized.

Regularly, it is used to levitate objects of interest or empower weapons to the point of creating fissures in the ground. At best it can be used for specialized techniques, such as Red Mask's God Hand or Yellow Mask's Kage Bunshin.



Gokai Aura Galaxy

Aura Power is the Greater Power of the Maskmen, allowing for Aura to surround GokaiOh's right hand, for a front flip flying karate chop known as the Gokai Aura Galaxy (ゴーカイオーラギャラクシー Gōkai Ōra Gyarakushī), which is similar to Iron Fist Aura Galaxy, Galaxy Robo's finisher, excluding the part of assuming vehicle mode to build up speed.

The Maskman's Greater Power was taken by Basco sometime before he took the Changeman Greater Power and the failed attempt at the Ohranger Greater Power. Ep. 31: Crash!! Secret Operations After the Gokaigers defeated him, it was formally issued by Akira, the former Blue Mask. Ep. 49: The Greatest Treasure in the Universe

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