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The Audience Chamber of the Infershia was a huge circular cavern room where the leaders of the Infershia gathered. There were various cavern shelves where many Zobils, and High Zobils gathered, overlooking the base of the structure. On the bottom level, there was a throne, where the current commander would sit and a glowing white pool, where Absolute God N Ma would contact the group. When he did, the pool would glow from white to red, and his eye could be seen.

Branken, Wolzard, and Vancuria in the audience chamber


When the Infershia began a second attack to the surface, the throne room was used by high commanders Branken and later Meemy, Wolzard, and Vancuria. When the Infershia abducted the Ozu siblings, to the Audience Chamber, their power was being drained by N Ma in order for him to be freed. Wolzard remembers who is was as Blagel and stops N Ma from torturing Kai, and freeing his children, bringing them back to the surface. With the power N Ma absorbed, he was able to break free, and the Audience Chamber began collapsing as Blagel stopped N Ma from being released. The Zobils and Vancuria were buried beneath the rubble, but since Vancuria was immortal, she survived the destruction of the chamber and relocated to the Valley of the Gods, working for N Ma's remaining servants, the Infershia Pantheon.


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