This article is about a/an Villain in Power Rangers (2017), existing in a different continuity than the TV series.

The Hogan Twins, Aubrey and Jacob are the main antagonists of Power Rangers: Aftershock

Character History

Aubrey and Jacob's father died in the same mining accident that claimed the life of Billy's father. However since he was their only living relative, the two were left on the streets. Ultimately the twins turned to a life of crime, which lead to their arrest. After Goldar's attack on Angel Grove, the twins managed to escape into the abandoned saw mill, where Jacob found the gold behemoth's remains and fused with it. This fusion forced the two to do Goldar's will: to destroy the rangers in exchange for freedom. While Aubrey didn't get super powers, Jacob gained a silver colored armor, more than enough to dominate over all five rangers.

After their first battle, Aubrey and Jacob fused together into one massive silver monster. The Megazord defeated them, while the rangers turned the twins into stone. After the battle, the Hogan Twins were taken away by the mysterious Apex Organization.


  • Goldar's Remains: Being symbiotically fused with Goldar, Jacob has immeasurable durability and strength.


  • Electricity: As explained by Billy, enough electricity turned both twins into statues.


Aubrey Hogan

Aubrey as a human

Jacob Hogan

Jacob as a human

Aubrey Hogan (Mutated)

Aubrey, after fusing with Goldar's remains

Jacob Hogan (Mutated)

Hogan, after fusing with Goldar's remains, with Aubrey

Aubrey and Jacob Hogan (Fused)
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