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Seasons beatings

The Attacking Group of the Four Seasons

The Attacking Group of the Four Seasons (攻撃団四季 Kōgeki-dan Shiki) is a Deboth Army group of monster based off of the four seasons - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. They appeared in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Returns: 100 YEARS AFTER following the revival of the Deboth Army. During their first fight against the Future Kyoryugers, they stop and lecture the team on the fact that their team is not as "bright and flashy" as they were told they would be; being made up of 4 Blue Rangers (Blue, Cyan, Navy, and Purple), and the idea that Gray and Silver were basically the same color. They proceed to do their own roll call and pose, stating they were flashier, and blow the Kyoryugers away. Defeated, the team is nearly destroyed by Thousand-Faced High Priest Gaos before Bragigas saves them.

They later reappear as all the Future Kyoryugers except Dai-kun begin to find their destined Kyoryuger colors, and Harudamonne and Akidamonne are destroyed. Natsudamonn and Fuyudamonne follow shortly after as Dai-kun becomes KyoryuRed and using Carnival Finish to defeat them.



Behind the scenes

  • Each of the monsters have a kanji on their bodies that each say the season they represent.
    • Natsudamonne: 夏 (Natsu) / Summer
    • Akidamonne: 秋 (Aki) / Autumn
    • Fuyudamonne: 冬 (Fuyu) / Winter
    • Harudamonne: 春 (Haru) / Spring
  • The location of the kanjis is separated by whether the season is hot or cold: Fuyudamonne and Akidamonne both have their kanjis on their heads while Natsudamonne and Harudamonne have theirs on their chests.


  • The group name contains a pun on "theatre group/troupe" (劇団 Gekidan), which was referenced by the verbal space between the "Kougeki-dan" during the group's announcement in the special.


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