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Asataro Hyou (豹朝 太郎 Hyō Asatarō) is the father of Asao Hyou (VulPanther).

Character History

Atarou comes from the city of Hida in Gifu Prefecture, where he was the owner of four mountains where he made a massive wealth in his property. He eventually decided to sell one of his mountains in order to travel the world for its cuisine, dining his way from place to place eating only the best food. His knowledge of food is extensive, to the point that he even has a vast knowledge of French cooking that surprises even Daizaburou Arashiyama!

When Atarou ends up in Tokyo, he decides to get in touch with Asao when he ends up losing his wallet for a meal, only to discover his son's departure from the land-based Rangers, unknowing of his transfer to become VulPanther of Sun Vulcan due to the sensitive nature of family discovering their involvement in the organization. Discovering Asao at Snack Safari, he tries to make him return home with him without knowing of what he was currently doing without his GWP position; however Asao ends up trying to convince Atarou that he was doing the right thing and that he should trust his son in what he was currently doing.

However with the father of a Sun Vulcan member in the area, Black Magma decides to use it to their own advantage. Amazon Killer attempts to disguise herself to convince Atarou about Hyou doing bad things in the name of Sun Vulcan; when Asao convinces him to let him be, she abducts him for capture. VulPanther ultimately comes to his father's rescue, trying at first to fight without his father to keep the secrecy but forced to expose himself due to a tough battle with Totem Pole Monger and thus allowing for Atarou to further understand why Asao was keeping such a secret.

In the end, Atarou becomes more accepting to Asao's wishes and lets him stay with GWP and Sun Vulcan, even though he forces them to pay for their last meal together while he's in town due to his wallet still being missing.

Prior to Atarou's visit, Asao had a suit he wished "adjusted" from his father that he wished to wear for himself.Ep. 33: The Hateful, Stylish Thief

Behind the scenes


Atarou Hyou was portrayed by Asei Kobayashi (小林 亜星 Kobayashi Asei), notable for his songs for commercials and anime. Unlike other Sentai parents, Asei is actually the father of Asao Kobayashi, who portrays Asao Hyou/VulPanther.


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