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Astronema Think Twice is the twenty-seventh episode of Power Rangers In Space. It is the second of the five-part story arc regarding the truth about Astronema.


With the revelation that she was once Karone, Andros' long-lost sister, Astronema wonders whether or not she should continue to be evil. She meets with Andros on KO-35 to talk about it, but has trouble believing his claims, unleashing the Spikey monster upon him. Meanwhile, the rivalry between Ecliptor and Darkonda heats up.


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  • Andros morphed without pressing any button
  • In her flashback, Astronema recalled Andros having shaken her and shouting, “Now listen to me, I am your brother!” but in the previous episode, Andros is actually holding her elbow, and telling her sadly, “No, listen to me. I am your brother.”
  • This is the second and last episode to feature Darkonda and Ecliptor's merged form Darkliptor.

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