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Astronema Think Twice is the twenty-seventh episode of Power Rangers In Space. It is the second of the five-part story arc regarding the truth about Astronema.


With the revelation that she was once Karone, Andros' long-lost sister, Astronema wonders whether or not she should continue to be evil. She meets with Andros on KO-35 to talk about it, but has trouble believing his claims, unleashing the Spikey monster upon him. Meanwhile, the rivalry between Ecliptor and Darkonda heats up.


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  • This is the second and last episode to feature Darkonda and Ecliptor's merged form Darkliptor.



  • Andros morphed without pressing any buttons.
  • In her flashback, Astronema recalled Andros having shaken her and shouting, “Listen to me, I'm your brother!” but in the previous episode, Andros is actually holding her elbow, and telling her sadly, “No, listen to me. I'm your brother.”

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