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Astrom before being destroyed by Sandaaru

Astrom (アストラム Asutoramu) was the homeworld of Princess Laiina and Knuckle.Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger: Shushuuto the Movie


It hosted the medal of Raging Arrow within the Dark Stone, from which a Karakuri system was developed for this planet.

After discovering the importance of the Raging Arrow and partner weapon, the Grieving Bow, from a third prediction of the Evil Will released by meteors, Boss Tau Zant of the Jakanja instructs Seventh Spear, Sandaaru to go to Astrom and gain the Dark Stone with the Raging Arrow medal within. Sandaaru easily crushes the planet and ultimately destroys it, taking the Dark Stone to Earth to join with his leader and begin working for his boss' ultimate plan.Scroll 40: Decoy and Ninja LawScroll 43: Super Fusion and Big Clash


Astrom seemed to have an advanced Karakuri system, as their Tri-Condor was not only used as a spaceship, but it could also perfectly combine Earth's 3 Karakuri Giants into one without any modifications, something Oboro Hinata struggled to do for many episodes with her own Tri-Condor.


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