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"Let's Rocket!"
―Morphing call[src]

"Anybody know what time it is? It's Morphin' Time!"
―Brody and the Legendary Rangers[src]

The Astro Morpher was a wrist-mounted gadget worn by the five core Space Rangers, developed on KO-35 and given to the former Turbo Rangers by Andros. This Morpher featured a more utilitarian design and was the first multi-functional Morpher, utilized for summoning the team’s vehicles and Zords as well as morphing, all via a 3-digit trigger code entered through the Morpher's numerical keypad and then activated with the keypad's 'Enter' key (marked as an 'E' on a single key with the enter symbol placed beside the initial) and a communication link with other Morphers for contacting others.

Alternative to the Astro Morphers, the Super Mega Rangers used Legendary Ranger Keys provided by Gosei to assume the corresponding Ranger forms as a Legendary Ranger Mode.


It should be noted, that in the show, the only code ever seen used is "3-3-5" - the other codes, while seen listed on the Morpher, are never seen entered; the toy of this Morpher also has an exclusive extra code programmed in: 9-1-2; the exclusive code is for a 'Simon Says'-type game where the Morpher calls out a number and the player enters the number - this continues in an increasingly faster manner, and has four 'lives' (the red lights) that allow the player four mistakes. There is also a "sound icon" button to alert the Rangers.

Each of these codes has a different purpose:

  • 3-3-5: the input code that enables the user to morph into a Space Ranger.
  • 2-5-9: the input code to summon the Ranger's Galaxy Glider.
  • 7-6-1: input code ordering the Megaship to deploy the Mega Tank.
  • 1-0-8: input code to link up with D.E.C.A.
  • 5-4-1: the input code to summon the Astro Megazord.

Morphing Sequence


Power Rangers In Space - First Morph and Fight (Power Rangers vs Quantrons)-2

The Morpher is opened, and the morph triggering code ‘3-3-5’ (then activated with 'Enter') is input. A facial shot of each Ranger's unmorphed form is seen before a shot-transition flash effect shows the Ranger suit materializing into view with information screen effects of both text and visuals and an appearance of a special screen with 'MORPHING COMPLETE', the morphing Ranger seen spinning in a brief display after the suit's appearance as the screen effects are shown. The morph ends with 'MORPHING COMPLETE' zooming towards the viewer and the morphed Ranger's helmet spinning from the viewer for a facial shot as a screen display appears on their helmet's forehead display monitor.

According to T.J.'s Identity Crisis, pressing '0' will teleport a Ranger to the last known location.









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