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The Astro Megaship was a spacecraft that served as the base and personal transportation for the Space Rangers and Galaxy Rangers' base of operations.


The Astro Megaship was a vast spaceship made up of six decks with at least sixteen rooms to live in, machines designed to create food out of nothing called Cynthitrons, a hangar full of gadgets and containing the Megatank, and its own sentient AI named D.E.C.A. who was only ever heard via speaks and seen as red periscopes. Aside from the shuttle hangar, the Megaship consisted of 6 decks for its crew which contained a vault where the Astro Morphers were eventually stored at the heart of the ship. The Astro Megaship was capable of faster than light travel allowing it to voyage between solar systems. From the ship's bridge, the Megaship's crew operated the entire ship. The ship's steering controls, sensors, weapons systems, communications equipment, as well as D.E.C.A. were all accessed from here. The bridge was located on Megadeck 1 along the front part of the Astro Megaship. The SimuDeck, located on Megadeck 5, was the training room. The advanced holographic and robotic technologies in the SimuDeck allow the Rangers to practice their skills in a realistic yet safe environment. The SimuDeck could be programmed to display any type of location and can also create automated opponents for Rangers to fight such as Craterites. Since the SimuDeck could be programmed to recreate any environment, it can also be used for non-combat purposes such as recreation.

After the Lost Galaxy Rangers took up residence inside it, the living quarters were no longer used (perferring to live in Terra Venture itself) and the Astro Megaship was used far less regularly. However, the recreation room for eating and having fun was completely dismantled and replaced with and turned into a docking bay for the Jet Jammers.

The Astro Megaship was quite capable of defending itself from attackers with its shields, thick hull, and 2 double barreled laser turrets. D.E.C.A. normally handled firing the Megaship's weapons but they could be controlled manually from the bridge. The Megaship also came equipped with 2 ion cannons mounted on the bottom of the Megaship.

Appearances: PRIS Episodes 1-43; LG Episodes 2, 3, 5, 9, 11, 13-15, 22, 26-33, 39, 42, 44; WF Episode 34



The origins of the Astro Megaship were created by Zordon and Alpha 5 on Eltar. It came into the possession of Andros and served as his base of operations during his attacks against the United Alliance of Evil.


The former Turbo Rangers and Alpha 6 receive the Astro Megashuttle from NASADA as they seek to chase Divatox when she leaves Earth after destroying the Power Chamber. Tvicon TV STORY-Chase into Space

In Space[]

Whilst Andros discreetly attends the United Alliance of Evil on the Cimmerian Planet, D.E.C.A picks up the Mega Shuttle drifting in space and brings it aboard. It was owned and piloted by Andros, created by Zordon and Alpha 5 on Eltar. He met up with the former Turbo Rangers and Alpha 6. Andros initially wants nothing to do with them until they are captured by Astronema and he recruits them into his new Space Rangers although they soon find that they are outmatched by the Sphinx Ship's firepower. However, Alpha reconfigures the Mega Shuttle to be able to combine with the Megaship to form the Astro Megazord which easily destroys the ship. Tvicon TV STORY-From Out of Nowhere

Realizing that the Astro Megazord is unformable without the Mega Shuttle, Astronema tries to destroy the NASADA facility where it is being held with Ecliptor but it escapes and the Megazord defeats him. Tvicon TV STORY-Save Our Ship

The Astro Megaship is later used by the Space Rangers to scout out a planet only to come into conflict with Scavengers and the Lunatick monster which hatches out of an egg onboard their ship. They are overwhelmed until the comatose Zhane the Silver Ranger awakens due to a malfunction and helps to defeat Lunatick with the Astro Delta Megazord finishing him off. Tvicon TV STORY-Survival of the Silver

The Astro and Delta Megazords are used to help the Mega Winger in battle against Red Ecliptor but the latter is completely destroyed and the former completely crippled before they defeat him. Although the Megaship remains operational after this, the damage prevents it from being used in battle again. Tvicon TV STORY-The Impenetrable Web

After the United Alliance of Evil is wiped out at the expense of Zordon's life, the Astro Megaship is used to go to a celebration of KO-35 before returning to Earth. Once there, the Space Rangers abandon it since it is no longer needed and place the Astro Morphers into storage in the Megaship's vault. Tvicon TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction

Lost Galaxy[]

A year later, the Megaship has been turned into a museum with Alpha 6 as the curator and overseen by Damon Henderson before launching with the new space station Terra Venture. After Maya of Mirinoi comes to beg for help against Furio, Kai convinces the two to help him steal the ship to rescue his friends after they go through a portal to the planet. After escaping Mirinoi with the Quasar Sabers and becoming the Galaxy Rangers, the Megaship becomes their base of operations but is rarely used. Tvicon TV STORY-Quasar Quest

When the Psycho Rangers return from capture and kidnap most of the Galaxy Rangers, the Space Rangers reclaim their Astro Morphers and help to destroy them although Psycho Pink survives. Tvicon TV STORY-To The Tenth Power

When the Galaxy Megazord has trouble against Psycho Pink, the Space Rangers use the Astro Megazord one last time to destroy her. Tvicon TV STORY-The Power of Pink

During the final battle with Trakeena, the Astro Megaship is used as a desperate attack to stop the suicide attacks by the Stingwingers commanded by the insane Trakeena. However, it is severely damaged when the Scorpion Stinger caught the ship in its pincers and begins crushing it so the Galaxy Rangers are forced to activate the self-destruct and flee. They barely escape before it explodes, killing D.E.C.A and severely damaging the Scorpion Stinger which causes it to crash on Mirinoi's moon. Tvicon TV STORY-Journey's End

Wild Force[]


Astro Megaship Mark II

The Astro Megaship Mark II is the successor of the Astro Megaship, created in the shipyards of KO-35. For Tommy Oliver's mission to stop General Venjix from unearthing Serpentera, Andros introduced the Astro Megaship Mark II, which was reportedly "fresh off the construction yards of KO-35" and is reportedly the fastest spaceship in the galaxy. This Megaship serves to transport the Red Rangers to the moon, and it is also where the Veteran Red Rangers are briefed. The Alpha robot present on board is Alpha 7; the rebuilt Alpha 5 since Alpha 6 is still living on Mirinoi. The Astro Megaship Mark II was constructed and commanded by Andros as part of an assault on the Machine Empire's remaining generals. It was on that Megaship that Tommy and the other Red Rangers meet for their mission on the Moon, to stop the Machine Empire and Serpentera. Tvicon TV STORY-Forever Red


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Behind the Scenes[]


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  • The Astro Megaship was the first base that could transform into a Megazord.
  • The deluxe toy had the capability of attaching the Astro Megazord Blaster to the Megaship for additional armament; this configuration was never used in the show.


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