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"Well, I'm just thrilled. So I'm famous?"
―Assassinian Jingi's first words

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Character History

Assassinian Jingi (アサシン星人ジンギ Asashin Seijin Jingi, 41): An assassin who has made more than 1,000 kills in his career. He is hired by Zabunian Don Blaco to kill Guirarkian Don Bianco, but is insulted by his employer and kills him as well. Considers his skills far beyond those of a typical killer, and gets murderously angry whenever someone questions or insults his abilities. Deleted by DekaWing Cannon.


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Modus and Arsenal

  • His chain on his head can send someone to another dimension - where that dimension leads nobody knows.


  • He is somewhat similar to Ninjaman, as whenever someone insults his fighting technique, he flies into a rage. 
    • However, Ninjaman only did that to transform into Samuraiman and he was an Extra Hero, unlike Jingi, who is an assassin. 

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Behind the Scenes

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