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This impostor of the real king Aslan (アスラン Asuran) was created out of sand by Jumotsu in order to maintain Jark Matter's control over the planet Kaien.


When Kukuruga from Jark Matter invaded the planet Kaien, the real king Aslan sent his son, Lucky, to planet Luth so as to keep him safe. However, he was murdered by Kukuruga, and was replaced by an impostor made out of sand. The people of Kaien were made to believe that Aslan had surrendered the planet to Jark Matter so as to protect his own life.

In present times, when Lucky and the other Kyurangers arrived on the planet Kaien, they saw that "Aslan" was oppressing the people of Kaien. Lucky and the others stepped in, but Kukuruga and Jumotsu appeared, and the Kyurangers battled them. Lucky was eventually knocked out and captured, with Aslan quickly escaping once the rain set in, something that was noted by Tsurugi Ohtori as strange.

When Lucky confronted his father while being captured, a few of his tears landed on Aslan's hand which caused it to slightly disintegrate. Lucky quickly figured out that this king was a fake and not really his father, something which the other Kyurangers realized as well. Tsurugi then thought out of a plan to expose the fake Aslan during Lucky's scheduled execution. The fake Aslan was disintegrated using water attacks from the Mizugame, Kujira, and the Pump Kyutamas, and Lucky was able to properly succeed his late father's throne after Kukuruga and Jumotsu were defeated.


Unlike the real Aslan, this impostor was a ruthless ruler who was willing to compromise the lives of the people of Kaien.

Behind the scenes


Aslan was portrayed by Gin'nojō Yamazaki (山崎 銀之丞 Yamazaki Gin'nojō).


As the king of the Shishi (lion) System, Aslan's name is fittingly taken from the eponymous lion of The Chronicles of Narnia, which in turn is derived from the Turkish name meaning "Lion".


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