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Asami Group (浅見グループ Asami Gurūpu) is a corporation controlled by Wataru Asami, the father of Tatsuya Asami. The company has many business interests held throughout Japan from corporate to research and become heavily involved in the events involving the Timerangers, namely due to Tatsuya becoming their leader, TimeRed.

Although the leader of the group, Wataru had been grooming Tatsuya to be a major leader within the company from a young age, disregarding his son's own desires to do what he wanted and change his own destiny. When Tatsuya begins to become involved with the refugees from the 30th century, Wataru continues to push him to join the corporation until an incident leads to a schism where Tatsuya abandons his home and his responsibility to help the Timeranger in the past.Case File 2: The Unseen FutureCase File 6: The Fabricated Invitee

Despite the loss of their potential heir, the influence of the Timerangers and the battle with the Londerz Prisoners in the past forces the company to devise many means that ultimately start to change the future. These include the development of Lambda 2000 energy, the Raimei tank and a special private protection unit known as the City Guardians. Although the City Guardians worked by their own leadership corp, the leader responded directly to the president of the company Wataru and advanced his own interests as well as the protection of the city.Case File 18: A Shadowy PremonitionCase File 19: The Moonlight KnightCase File 28: A Time of Reunion

The group faced it's biggest crisis when a massive rampage of both Hell's Gate Prisoner Harbel and a squadron of Junk Droid Zenitts upgraded by Gien attack the Kawasaki Laboratory to steal the Lambda 2000 and critically injure president Wataru while he was trying to flee. Due to this, Tatsuya is nearly forced to return to the corporation as instructed by Captain Ryuya to save it, but he ultimately refuses due to continuing to follow his own destiny. Eventually with Wataru still recovering, Naoto Takizawa, the current leader of the City Guardians, holds a coup which forces the company under him using his knowledge of the future crisis to his own advantage. However when Wataru finally recovers enough to return, he retakes the company from Naoto and nearly takes his V-Commander for study, forcing the leader on the run.Case File 42: The Fallen Angel of Destruction-Case File 48: The Return to the Future

By the end of the series, the Asami Group continues to be run by Wataru, with Tatsuya continuing to defy his father in rejoining the corporation even over a year later. However, Tatsuya only intends to do so until he feels he is ready to rejoin the Asami Group. Case File 50: To an Infinite Tomorrow

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