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"Ah, ma chère. You will find that Frenchmen are so much more, how do you say, complex? Ho ho! I will show you! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You're going to love Paris, Kimberly! Not so fast my little croissant."
―The Artistmole's first words in Kimberly's dream.[src]

"Ah, Power Rangers. You’ve brought me such beautiful colors. No, no. My brilliant career has just begun."
―The Artistmole when confronted by five of the Power Rangers.[src]

" Not feeling well? You all look so pale. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ho ho ho ho."
―The Artistmole after draining the Power Rangers and Ninjor.[src]

"Ah ha ha ha! I am back and bigger zen ever!"
―The Artistmole after being enlarged by Rita and Zedd.[src]

"Oh no!"
―The Artistmole reacting to the Ninja MegaFalconzord and his final words before his destruction.[src]

The Artistmole was an artist and badger-themed monster that served as the main antagonist of the episode "A Brush with Destiny".


When Mrs. Hart announces that she intends to move to Paris to be with her new artist boyfriend, Kimberly begins to worry about being forced to leave the Power Rangers. Her fears manifest as a French caricature dubbed the Artistmole, who torments her with images of her Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger identity leaving. However, Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd have been watching through a device of Finster's and are impressed enough that they order him pull the Artistmole into the real world. With help from Rito and the Tenga Warriors, Finster is able to scan her mind and recreate the Artistmole. Now real, the monster aligns with the Evil Space Aliens and is told to use his special powers to steal the Power Rangers' life-force helpless and easy to destroy.

Zordon alerts the Power Rangers but Kimberly is looking for her Communicator after Rito slapped it off earlier so they have to morph without her. The Rangers confront the Artistmole but the monster is completely immune to all of their attacks as they pass right through him. After striking all of them down, the Artistmole blasts all five down and drains their colors which leave them weak and open to destruction. Outmatched, the Rangers summon Ninjor but he is unable to do any damage to the Artistmole. Before he can however, Kimberly arrives and steals his paintbrush which she then smashes and blasts the Artistmole with her Blade Blaster. Weakened and helpless, the monster retreats which restores the Rangers' colors and life-force. Rita and Zedd then enlarge the Artistmole, but Kimberly has overcome her fear of leaving so he is now tangible. The Rangers form the Ninja Megazord whilst Ninjor grows giant and Ninjor soon turns into Ninjor Battle Mode. After Ninjor blasts the shocked monster with a fireball, the Rangers form the Ninja MegaFalconzord which finishes Artistmole with the Power Punch. Kimberly's fears are later abated when her mother moves to France but Kimberly is allowed to stay with Aisha and her family. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Brush with Destiny

Finster later recreates the Artistmole alongside the Vampirus as the muscle in a divide and conquer attack devised by Rita and Zedd. They are not destroyed and retreat after the attack fails. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Different Shade of Pink

The Artistmole is amongst the monsters that attend Master Vile's End of the World Party to celebrate his capture of the Ninjazords, Shogunzords, and White Ninja Falconzord. The party is held at the Angel Grove Youth Center where the Artistmole can be seen talking with the Vampirus. After the Rangers reclaim thier Zords and the Zeo Crystal however, Master Vile disbands the party to launch an attack by the Blue Globbor and the Artistmole leaves. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Master Vile and the Metallic Armor

A year later. the Artistmole is seen as an audience member in Prince Gasket's Machine Arena when Tommy forces Jason to fight Altor. Tvicon.png TV STORY-King for a Day


The Artistmole acted as a stereotypical Frenchman with a very thick French accent and French vocabulary such as "sacre bleu" and replacing "t" and "h" with "z." Despite being evil and loyal to Rita and Zedd, the Artistmole was never shown getting angry or raising his voice and always spoke in a calm tone.

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: The Artistmole was strong enough to pin Kimberly down under his paintbrush.
  • Durability: The Artistmole was blasted by Kimberly’s Blade Blaster and later Ninjor Battle Mode’s fireball but survived both without a scratch.
  • Intangibility: The Artistmole was immune to physical attacks and so could not be harmed by anyone except for Kimberly. Any attacks launched against him passed straight through him in a splatter of paint.
  • 1 French Painter and Kimberly's Mom.jpg
    Human Form: The Artistmole could assume a human form as seen when he posed as a man in Kimberly's dream. He dopes not have this power in the real world.
  • Illusions: The Artistmole was able to generate illusions of Mrs. Hart and the Pink Ranger in Kimberly's dream. He did not possess this power in the real world.
  • Energy Absorption: The Artistmole was able to absorb the energy from Rita and Zedd’s lightning to make himself grow.


  • Agility: The Artistmole was agile enough to launch into the air.


  • Paintbrush: Destroying the Artistmole’s paintbrush left him powerless.
  • Fear Reliance: After Kimberly overcame her fears of leaving Angel Grove, the Artistmole lost his intangibility and was able to be destroyed.


  • Paintbrush: The Artistmole wielded a paintbrush as a club.
    • Energy Blasts: The Artistmole was able to take some black from his paint pallet and launch red energy blasts from his paintbrush. This was strong enough to take down five Rangers with one hit.
    • Color Draining: The Artistmole was fire a multi-colored laser from his paintbrush and use it to steal people's colors and life-force.
  • Pallet: The Artistmole utilized a paint pallet as the source for his powers.

Behind the Scenes



  • The Artistmole was designed to be a French caricature with his beret and painter attire.
  • The Artistmole's overall design was based upon the Mujina; a badger-like Yokai frequently depicted as shape-shifters that deceive humans.


  • His name was a portmanteau of "artist" and "mole".


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