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Artist Anonymous is the fourth episode of Beast Morphers Season 2 and the twenty-sixth episode of Power Rangers Beast MorphersIt featured Ravi revealing to Commander Shaw about his painting secret.


Ravi secretly repaints a local art mural, but a strange artist arrives and claims the work as his own.


Ravi walks by some graffiti and decides to repaint the wall himself before adding his own mural onto it from a drawing he made. Just when he finishes, Commander Shaw comes jogging along, unaware that her son made the painting. Ravi lies that he was cleaning up after an unknown artist made the mural, and Commander Shaw voices her disdain for art again. At Grid Battleforce, Ravi is washing the paint off his hands when Devon calls, telling him to turn to Channel 10. It turns out his mural made the news as the wall was part of a building scheduled for demolition, and nobody, aside from Devon and Zoey, are aware that Ravi painted it. Nate and Steel are disappointed that Ravi lied to them earlier about a remodeling, and a remorseful latter admits that lying about his art is becoming a reflex. Nate warns Ravi that a lie, no matter the size, isn’t cool, and the latter promises them to never lie to them again.  Ben and Betty's efforts to photograph the mural are unsuccessful when Ben steps on a skateboard and crashes into a hot dog wagon, and Betty ends up stuck on a pole.

Outside the building, Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy locate the parking lot entrance and infect a padlock with the virus, creating Keytron. Although annoyed by Keytron’s lock-based puns, they tell the new Robotron to into Grid Battleforce and destroy it from the inside. Using his unlocking powers, Keytron gets the metal cage to open as the Robo-generals take their leave. Ravi catches Keytron and tells the Rangers the breach before facing the Robotron by himself. Morphing into the Blue Ranger, Ravi pulls out his Beast-X Blaster, only for Keytron to disable it with his Key Blade and gets knocked down. Fortunately, a morphed Nate and Steel arrive to help Ravi, and they chase him out of the parking lot. When Devon and Zoey ride on Cruise to join the others, Keytron takes his leave.

In the Crystal Dimension, Keytron tries to deflect the blame onto Ravi for his failure, but Scrozzle says he has a better plan than what the Robo-Generals had in mind. With Ravi’s art secret given to him by Robo-Roxy, Scrozzle decides to introduce Coral Harbor to a mystery artist, revealing that he made explosive paint to destroy the city. In addition, Scrozzle turns a reluctant Keytron into the mysterious artist, even though it takes a lot of Morph-X to do so. Keytron turns into a French artist, and Evox sends him to paint the explosives onto Grid Battleforce, using his Mayor Daniels persona to clear the way.

Evox-Mayor Daniels has the paint delivered to Grid Battleforce, claiming that they’re making a mural to promote the Global wide Morph-X network. He then introduces Commander Shaw and the Rangers to Pierre (really Keytron in disguise), claiming that he made the downtown mural earlier, but Shaw gets suspicious when her son’s lie begins to unravel just a bit. Regardless, Shaw leads Pierre to the wall he’s painting, while Ravi expresses annoyance and distrust that the latter is taking the credit for his mural. However, Ravi is reluctant to tell his mother the truth as she expects him to follow in the Grid Battleforce way, but Nate reminds him that he’s letting her down by lying. The Rangers push Ravi to tell Shaw the truth, as he can’t keep lying about his art, and he decides to finally do it. They head down to Pierre’s location, stopping him before he paints the explosives onto the wall, and Ravi tells the truth to his mother, even showing her the mural drawing. Shaw is understandably displeased that her son lied to her, but as she berates Ravi, Evox-Mayor Daniels signals Pierre and his helpers to grab the explosive paint and toss it at the Rangers, only for Devon’s quick to have everybody jump out of the way at the last second.

Pierre turns back into Keytron while the helpers reveal themselves to be Tronics, and while Commander Shaw leads Evox-Mayor Daniels away, the Rangers morph. However, Keytron locks the Rangers Transporters to prevent them from summoning their weapons, but Devon remarks that they can still fight without them. As they fight, the Rangers use some trash to help them along with Nate and Steel using the explosive paint to their advantage. Back in the Cyber Dimension, a furious Evox turns back into his original form due to low Morph-X as he injects more into himself. Scrozzle offers to summon a Gigadrone to squash the Rangers, even revealing that he can add Gamerdrone’s dome projection technology to drain any Morph-X around the area, and Evox allows it. Back at the fight, Keytron is about to charge at Devon when Commander Shaw blasts at the Robotron with a Morph-X Blaster. She then tosses Devon the Beast-X Ultra Blaster, and he uses it to destroy Keytron.

With Keytron destroyed, Commander Shaw tells the Rangers that a Gigadrone is about to land, so they run back inside and into the Beast-X Ultrazord. Just then, Keydrone lands and projects a dome around the area. As the Rangers enter the dome, the Rangers try to finish the fight in a quick way to preserve their Morph-X levels, only for Keydrone to lock the entire Ultrazord from moving, before striking it at they lose Morph-X. Fortunately, Cruise discovers that the jet boots are still online, and they use them to lift the Ultrazord into the air and land directly on top of the Gigadrone. That move breaks Keydrone’s Key Blade, freeing the Ultrazord’s controls as the Rangers finish it off with the Beast-X Ultra Strike.

After the fight, Ravi meets back with Commander Shaw, who is still disappointed that her son lied to her. Ravi apologizes to Shaw as he was afraid of what she would think of him since she’s very much against art, but she apologizes for having her attitude keep him from expressing his true passion. Now free to express his true passion, Ravi tells Shaw that art makes him happy, and she decides to let him write his name on the mural so Coral Harbor can see who painted it in front of the citizens.

Meanwhile, firefighters are trying to rescue Betty from the pole.  After being ordered to jump, she does, only to bounce back up.  The firefighters are shocked to see that she enjoys bouncing up and down repeatedly, and Ben asks to have a turn.



  • During the first fight at the parking lot, the shift between American and Sentai footage is noticeably different.
  • It's very visible that when Ravi is about to morph on his own, his morpher is not on his wrist.


  • This is the first episode in which Commander Shaw is shown out of uniform.
  • Scrozzle's concept of explosive paint is similar to the explosive gel tool used by Batman in the Arkham video game series.
  • The human Blaze and Roxy do not appear in this episode.
  • The surfer that Ravi paints on his mural resembles past Blue Ranger Tori Hanson from Ninja Storm.
  • At the end of this episode, Commander Shaw approves of Ravi's passion. Smash foreshadows this at the end of Gorilla Art.

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