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Artillicon is a powerful menchanical themed mutant, who has big arsrnal of weapon. He is the main antagonist of episode "Full Exposure".


Artillicon, like all other mutants, was created in the result of chemical accident. Before the events of the season, he was captured by Time Force rangers. In the twentie-third episode, he was released by Ransik and sent to destroy the city and rangers. He had big arsenal of weapon. Artillicon had a big cannon, which could shoot with powerful blasts and, also it could reflect blasts of rangers's cannons into them. At first, he attacked a park in Silver Hills. While rangers fought with Artillicon, a young and curious photographer Mitch watched them with Katie. Then Katie left him and transformed into the Yellow ranger. In the first battle in the park, the rangers nearly defeated the mutant, but he transformed in the jet and flew away. Later, he again attacked the city and now he easily defeated the rangers with his powerful cannon. Artillicon reflects their blasts into them and knocked them out. It made the rangers to transform back, revealing their identity to Mitch. In the third and final battle, Artillicon attacked city again and now, he summoned cyclobotes. After rangers defeated cyclobotes, they started to fight Artillicon. Now, rangers finally disabled his cannon and defeated him. Then, Artillicon removed chain of his DNA and enlarged. In the giant battle he tried to use his energy blasts again the Megazord, but was eventually defeated by Time Shadow Megazord.

Mutant Seal Patch Location: Left Leg.


Artillicon's personality copies many other personalities of mutants, that rangers battled. He is chaotic, boastful and destructive. He likes his job and is fond of causing havoc. He is very confident, like all other mutants, and thinks that he can defeat rangers. But despite this, it is shown that he is bit less cruel than other mutants. He isn't such wicked as other mutants and has some comedy qualities. But he is still always ready to fight and is very unpredictable.

Powers and abilities.

Arsenal: Atillicon has a big arsenal of weaponry, such as:

Energy cannon: Artillicon's cannon can shoot with powerful energy blasts. It also can reflect rangers's blasts.

Flying: Artillicon can fly, by transforming into a small jet.

Enlarging: Artillicon can enlarge himself, using his Seal Patch, as all other mutants.

Behind the scenes.

Voice actor.

Artillicon is voiced by Bob Papenbrook.

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