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Artilla & Helicos were two Duke Orgs that were released by Mandilok. They are the secondary antagonists of the episode "Homecoming".

Character History

With the Nexus messed up due to the interference of the fake Master Org, Mandilok released two powerful Duke Orgs - a tank-themed Org named Artilla and a helicopter-themed Org named Helicos. The Duke Org was hungry and Artilla and Helios were used as bodyguards in case the Wild Force Rangers interfered with his meal. They first escorted Mandilok to a Colosseum to consume the human food. When the Rangers appeared, the two Duke Orgs came in to protect their master and defeated them with shear power. With the Rangers out of commision for the time being, Mandilok and the two Duke Orgs escaped.

They later returned to the city, where Mandilok orders them to prepare two large buildings for "lunch." Before they could, they were stop by the young boy named Kite. The two Duke Orgs attacked Kite, but the boy kicked Helicos' leg and ran off, causing the two Duke Orgs to give chase. They eventually cornered Kite, and Artilla was about to use his Cannon Shot on him until the Red Ranger came in on his Savage Cycle  and took the shot. Later the Yellow, Blue, White and Black Rangers came in their Savage Cycles and blasted the two Duke Orgs, but they were still outmatched and the Orgs defeated them again, then escaped.

Artilla and Helicos returned again, but this time the Rangers successfully managed to capture the two Duke Orgs. The Blue and Back Rangers took on Artilla and the Yellow and White Rangers took on Helicos, but even seperate, they were still more then a match for the Rangers, and they defeated them again, even with the aid of the Lunar Wolf Ranger. After Mandilok went after Princess Shayla and Kite, Merrick went after him. The Rangers ultimately acquired the upper hand, with Taylor and Alyssa slicing back Helicos' Boomerang Blades with their Golden Eagle Sword and White Tiger Baton which cut off one of Artilla's treads. Cole then tied up Helicos with Artilla's tread, causing him to fall over due to the weight, and Danny holding down Artilla for Max to cut off Artilla's turret using his Blue Shark Fighting Fins , leaving him powerless. Cole then destroyed Helicos with his Falcon Summoner Archer Mode while the other Rangers destroyed Artilla with the Jungle Sword.

Toxica enlarged the two Duke Orgs, and the Rangers tried to summon the Wildzords, but they weren't responding. Because of this, the two Duke Orgs easily overpowered the Rangers before Kite cleared away the clouds, allowing the Rangers to summon their Wildzords and form the Isis Megazord. They used the Giraffe Spear to bring Helicos down to the ground and then deployed the Isis Stare on the two Duke Orgs, freezing them in place, and with the Final Strike attack, the two Duke Orgs are destroyed once and for all.


"General Mandilok, we are at your services."
―Artilla's first lines to Mandilok.[src]

A tank-themed Duke Org.


Artilla is highly loyal to Mandilok, and will do anything in his power to destroy the Rangers.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Artilla is incredibly strong, powerful enough to take out the Rangers in two battles with ease.
  • Durability-Artilla and Helicos were shot in the middle of their torsos by the other four Rangers' Savage Cycles' Savage Blast and only fell to one knee.
  • Cannon Shot: From the turret-shaped "nose", Artilla can launch powerful energy shots. This was his strongest attack, taking down all six Rangers with one hit and destroying Cole's Savage Cycle.
  • Energy Balls: Also from the turret-shaped nose, Artilla can fire white colored energy balls.
  • Energy Blasts: From the arm-mounted guns, Artilla can fire energy blasts strong enough to knock down Max and Danny with one hit each.
  • Energy Lasers: Also from the arm-mounted guns, Artilla can fire red-colored energy lasers.
  • Fireballs: Artilla can launch fireballs from his turret-shaped nose.


  • Guns: Artilla has arm-mounted guns he can use to fire at his opponents.
  • Fists: Artilla can fight with his own fists.


"We are Duke Orgs!"
―Helicos' first lines to the Rangers.[src]

A helicopter-themed Duke Org.


Much like Artilla, Helicos is highly loyal to Mandilok, and will do anything in his power to destroy the Rangers.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Much like Artilla, Helicos has a great deal of strength, being able to easily overpower all five Rangers at once.
  • Durability-Artilla and Helicos were shot in the middle of their torsos by the other four Rangers' Savage Cycles' Savage Blast and only fell to one knee.
  • Flight: Being a Helicopter-themed Org, Helicos can fly at high speed.
  • Chopper Blast: Helicos can fire a barrage of light orange-colored energy shots from the two vulcan cannons on the sides of his head strong enough to knock Taylor and Alyssa off of some scaffolding with one shot.
  • Energy Lasers: Helicos can fire light orange-colored energy lasers from his wrists and chest. These were strong enough to take down all five Rangers with one hit.
  • Helicopter Spin: Helicos can spin at high speed like a drill and rush at the enemy.
  • Lightning Vision: Helicos can fire blue-colored lightning beams from his single eye.


  • Boomerang Blades: From the helicopter propellers located on his shoulders, he has boomerangs which he can fire at the enemy.
  • Vulcan Cannons: Helicos has vulcan cannons mounted on both sides of his head which he can use to fire at opponents.

Behind the Scenes



  • Both Artila and Helicos are based off of military vehicles.
  • Ironically, Artilla is responsible for Cole gaining his Wild Force Rider (which Kite gave him as recompence for the destruction of his Savage Cycle which occured in defence of him) and thus the destruction of Serpentera which could have successfully destroyed the Earth and accomplished the Org's goal.
  • The "Artill" in Artilla's name probably refers to "artillery".
  • The "Heli" in Helicos's name refers to "helicopter" and Artilla's name probably refers to the real-life 5th century Hungarian conqueror, "Attila the Hun". 

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