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Arrival Day is a term used by the media, the populace of Angel Grove and the governments of the world as a name for the day of Rita Repulsa's first attack on Earth with Goldar and the first appearance of the Power Rangers in Angel Grove in the Boom Studios comic series Go Go Power Rangers. Go Go Power Rangers Issue 1

The comic book Go Go Power Rangers uses this date as a timestamp to measure where in the comic timeline the events of the story are taking place, especially after flashbacks to past events such as Zordon's war with Rita Repulsa 10,000 years ago. Further issues show how far in the "present" readers are by adding a number of days/weeks/months to the time. (Ex. Arrival Day Plus 6 Days = 1 week)


  • If the series followed the real world time of the original television show's airing in Season 1, Arrival Day would be August 28th, the same date as the first episode's airing.

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