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"Tokon Soul Set!"
―inserting the Tokon Soul into the Armored Wheel Go-Roader Gt Wheel mode[src]

"GoRoader GT, Wheel Mode!"
―transformation command[src]

"GoRoader GT, Action Mode!"
―transformation command[src]

Armored Wheel Go-Roader GT (装甲車輪ゴローダーGT, Sōkō Sharin Gorōdā Jī Tī) is the wheel/humanoid robot created by Hiroto and Jum-bowhale, and was completed in collaboration with Renn.


The Soul is set in it and it transforms into Action Mode (アクションモード Akushon Mōdo) from the hand-sized Wheel Mode (ホイールモード Hoīru Mōdo).

With the Tokon Soul, it fights autonomously, and is very agile and strong. It can even run up buildings to perform a drop kick. It overpowered Hammer Banki during its first run. Alternatively, it can transform into Wheel Mode and be tossed like a frisbee, returning to the thrower as it shrinksGP 31: Idol Debut.

Alternatively, an Engine Soul can be inserted into the wheel to give him/her a temporary anthropomorphic body. While in human-size Action Mode, it can act as a platform spinning in place, which can then be used to ram opponents. Speedor can initiate the Doru Punch, a punch. BearRV can initiate the GoRoader Kick kick and the Splendorous Punch punches. While powerful as it overpowered even a doped up Straw Banki, the only downside to this function is that by the end of the battle, the Soul will be out of energy.GP 30: Punch of FriendshipGP 38: The Maidens' Sanctity

While in this function, the Soul announces which form it will take.

GoRoader GT can transform into Wheel Mode while large and deploy a ramp from its back to perform the Go-Roader Strike ( Goroda Sutoraiku) attack with the power of the Engine Formation behind it, rushing towards the foe on a bending energy track at the hit of the Mecha. When in human size, its finisher is the GoRoader Attack, a miniature version of the GoRoader Strike at the hit of the Ranger.


Although it had repeated destructive runs with Hiroto's defective Power Soul (パワーソウル Pawā Sōru), it was completed with Renn's Tokon Soul, powered with the bonds of 9 Engines and 7 hearts.


Go-Roader GT's suit actor was Yūichi Hachisuka (蜂須賀祐一, Hachisuka Yuichi).


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