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The Armor of Darkness (暗黒の鎧 Ankoku no Yoroi)[1] is a animated armor knight from Dino Earth that turns its wearer into a senseless monster hell-bent on destroying everything in sight and It is transmitted between people when another person defeats (or kills) the person who carries it. It is contained in a magatama-shaped ammonite, which also serves as a device to equip its wearer with the armor.


Originally the armor was sealed due to its dark powers until Asuka took it out of its confinement to be able to save Mahoro and Mizuho from the Evolian, unaware of their ability to drive the user crazy. The armor ended up possessing Azuka, forcing him to decimate the rest of his tribe as a result until Mizuho, who had join to Evolian and become the Apostle of Darkness Geilton managed to defeat him and free him, becoming his new carrier. Asuka would not remember these events until the battle against the KillerGhost.

Gildeon wore the armor during the beginning of Evolien's invasion of the Another-Earth before being defeated by the newly formed Abaranger, then later mortally wounded by the newly formed Dino Bomber and finally death wounded after Anomalogaris was destroyed by AbarenOh while he was still inside. Knowing that he can't carry on, he had Jeanne kill him so she can become his third carrier.

After Asuka learned that Mahoro is really Jeanne, he decided to defeat her and retrieve the armor to save her, once again becoming the original carrier as a result. To save Asuka from the armor, Mahoro reverted to being Jeanne and teamed up with Mikoto/AbareKiller to defeat him, promising to let Mikoto (who wanted the power of the armor of her own benefit) have the armor when Asuka was defeated. Finally, in the final confrontation, the two were able to defeat Azuka and free him from the armor. As Mahoro planed, because the armor was defeated by two people instead of one by combining the power of good (Mahoro) and evil (Mikoto), the armor dissolved once it bounded to Mikoto.

The Armor's destruction

By the finale, Dezumozorlya used Asuka and Mahoro's fear of the armor to create his own version of it as Armored Wicked Life Soldier (鎧の邪命戦士 Yoroi no Jameisenshi, 49, 50) to fight Asuka and Ranru Itsuki when they went to save Mahoro inside Dezumozorly's new body during her final attack on the Another-Earth, which was soon destroyed by AbareYellow and AbareBlack with the power of their Dino Guts.


The Armor of Darkness arms its hosts with Gladius Sword (グラディウスソード Guradiusu Sōdo) blue-bladed retractable gladius-like sword that is normally rested on a sheath located below his left knee, it was also armed with a huge black shield. The sword was normally wielded by Jeanne and Asuka. While Geilton wields it, he only used it twice, and instead he has an giant black axe with the same motif as the armor as his weapon.

When not in use, the armor takes the form of an ammonite shell-shaped magatama that is used to contain its power and as a transformation device to equip the user with it. It can also be carrier to control Bakuryuu or to help search for other Bakuryuu.

When Dezumozorlya took the form of the Armored Wicked Life Soldier, while it still has its sword in the left leg holster, Dezumozorlya instead used a retractable double-bladed sword Twin Blade (ツインブレード Tsuin Burēdo) as his weapon.


Wearers of the Armor of Darkness



Armor of Darkness concept art

Armored Wicked Life Soldier concept art

  • Its motif is based off of the Ammonite.
  • All of its wearers are suit acted by Yoshinori Okamoto, regardless whether it's Asuka, Jeanne, or Geilton who wears it.
  • Of all its four wielders, Jeanne is the longest wielder of the armor.
  • It is unknown where did the axe used by Geilton went after he was killed as Jeanne & Asuka both used the sword weapon instead.
  • A thorn is attached to the Armored Wicked Life Soldier's suit to the whole body as requested by producer Hideaki Tsukada.[2]
  • The Armor of Darkness began a trend in dinosaur-themed Super Sentai series with an evil sentient armor trying to find and possess powerful hosts, followed by Raging Knight Dogold and Gaisoulg.


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