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Armor Rose (ヨロイローズ Yoroirōzu, 38) is a Mechaevolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire, created by combining iron armor and a rose

Character History

Armor Rose is a Mechavolution Beast specially drawn up by General Zenobia built as part of a plan to gain access to a deadly WWII weapon that was invented by a scientist in his 70s who has completely forgotten its existence; the plan was to change him back to the exact age of 25 (when he built the weapon) so he could give the plans to the Jashinka for their usage. During an initial testing, Prince Megiddo accidentally sets the dial to 10, turning the scientist into a 10 year old boy; when the Dynaman attack, he has the Mechavolution Beast set it to "1", but ends up instead during a dog into a puppy and a tree into a sapling. Megiddo and Armor Rose try one last time, but while they turn the scientist to a young man, it is of the age of "24", not the instructed age of 25.

However unknowing to Megiddo and the Jashinka, the scientist actually confirms that he knows of the weapon that he created at that age (which he confides in Rei) but also knows of the horrible consequences that it ends up causing after it is invented, thus why he intentionally forgot everything about what it was so he could live a more peaceful life. He uses his two hours as a young man to experience youth and date DynaPink before it wears off. The angered Rei unleashes her fury at Armor Rose in combat before the team destroy it with New Super Dynamite. After growing, the Dynaman his Armor Rose with the Dyna Knuckle and Fire Dragon to stun it for being finished with the Science Sword.


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Modus and Arsenal

Armor Rose's main ability is a special "Armor Rose Beam" emitted from its shield: the shield has a dial upon it which, when turned and fired at a living object, will change their age to the exact age that has been selected without fail but with a limit of two hours before changing them back to their original time. After growing, Armor Rose also shows an ability to throw out flower petals for attack. It also has a saber for the right hand, teleport, and has a buzzsaw in its shield.


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Concept art


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Behind the Scenes

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