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Armor Bōma (ヨロイボーマ Yoroi Bōma) is a Boma Beast disguised as a meteor that flies throughout the universe with a massive potential of power within.

Character History

As Armor Boma flies towards Earth, Kirika is informed by Amulet Bōma's spirit to try and obtain it in order to cast away her human Wandering Boma side and to become the true, ultimate Boma. Granted a charm by her former Boma Beast guardian, Kirika summons Armor Boma to Earth and ultimately fuses with it to form Armored Kirika (ヨロイキリカ Yoroikirika), a powerful form which grants her greater power that she uses to attack the Turboranger and even Yamimaru when he tries to work with her; while she undergoes great pain from having the burden of the Boma Beast placed upon her. Realizing that the charm was the key that kept Armor Boma fused with Kirika, Riki attacks it with his Turbo Laser, destroying it and breaking the bond between the Boma Beast and the Wandering Boma. With it removed, the Turboranger finish it off with the V-Turbo Bazooka. After Yamimaru grows it, the team try to deal with it through Turbo Robo but its strength forces them to use Super Turbo Robo's Super Mirage Beam to finish it off.


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His main weapons include a long lance-like sword for combat and an extendable arm that can fire beams. His main ability allows for him to fuse with another Boma, including Wandering Boma, to grant them ultimate power stronger than any other Boma; with powerful strength and defensive capabilities.

Behind the Scenes


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