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Armadillo Monger (アルマジロモンガー Arumadiro Mongā, 14) is an armadillo-theme Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

A Monger created to aid the Zero Girls in the elimination of UN Secretary-General Albert who came to Japan to take out Black Magma, Armadillo Monger uses a staff/bow weapon and can burrow underground. When the Sun Vulcan team arrive, Armadillo Monger planting landmines around the area, Black Magma uses Albert to force their demands to for the UN's unconditional surrender. While SunEagle and Arashiyama distract the Zero Girls, VulPanther manages to dig his way to the trick to disarm the bomb on the truck Albert is in. As his teammates takes out the Mechaclones, Armadillo Monger battles Vulpanther in an underground battle before being whacked by whack-a-mole mallets. After his Enlargement Program is activated upon being hit by the Vulcan Ball, Armadillo Monger is destroyed by Sun Vulcan Robo.


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His main ability is to use its ability to dig to perform sneak attacks and to attack enemies from underground. He can also use grenades, a double sided clubbed staff, and can summon a sandstorm.

Behind the Scenes


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