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"Hee ha. Hello. I'm here to offer my help to the most evil leader yet!"
―Armadeevil's first words when bouncing around outside of Xandred's Junk and then when latching onto the outside of the ship to talk.[src]

"Whoa! How dare you talk to me like that? How dare you talk to me at all?! Maybe I'll have some fun with these lazy lamos before I take them down! HA! You're nothing but a joke! Now let's see; what will be the funest way to mash them to bits?!"
―Armadeevil when confronted by Jayden and Mia and after Jayden told him to stop attacking as well as after Mia said he was the one going down.[src]

"Good try blue. Let's play ball!"
―Armadeevil reacting to Kevin Super Samurai Mode and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"Time to take care of my little pest problem!"
―Armadeevil when turning into a Mega-Monster and trying to crush the Rangers in his hand.[src]

"No way! I guess my shell’s not all it's cracked up to be!"
―Armadedvil’s final words before his death.[src]

Armadeevil is a Nighlok bearing resemblance to both an armadillo and a rat with a nearly indestructable shell. He is the main antagonist of the episode "Shell Game."

Character History

Armadeevil's existence was unknown to Master Xandred before he came to the ship and offered his services. He merrily went on a rampage and encountered Jayden and Mia who were out on a supply run. They tried to take him down with their Spin Swords but did no damage due to his massive shell (with a large jump slash from both Rangers apparently feeling like a pillow). Even all five Samurai Rangers working together were unable to cause him any damage due to his armor plating on his shell. They were only granted a chance to think of another strategy by his need to rehydrate. When he returned they were able to weaken his shell, first by tricking him into crashing into a rock wall, then by superheating it with Jayden's Blazing Strike and quickly dousing it with cold water which Kevin summoned in a tidal wave afterward to induce thermal shock. The monster was appalled at the loss of his shell and overwhelmed the Rangers although they quickly restrained him. Kevin and Emily lagged behind (the former having been given the Black Box by Jayden) and he has Emily create a hole in the ground so that he could surprise attack the Nighlok. He morphs into Super Samurai Mode which prompts the Nighlok to turn into his ball form and attempt to crush Kevin but is kicked into the air by the Super Samurai Kick and Armadeevil's first life is ended by the Super Spin Sword Slash. 

After Armadeevil activates his Mega Monster form, the Rangers summon the Samurai Megazord and tried to destroy him with the Samurai Strike, However, it had no effect on his shell and he takes down the Megazord by ramming into it in ball form. The Rangers then rethought their plan and repeated their strategy, first using the Beetle Blaster Megazord to blast him with fire and superheat his shell. The monster recognized the strategy that they were using when the Swordfish Fencer Megazord drenches him with water before the Tiger Drill Megazord slams him with it's Tiger Drill Charge but to no avail and he just laughs at them. Realizing that they needed more power, Kevin summons the Claw Armor Megazord (using the Samurai Union Disk since Antonio couldn't hear them seeing as he was fishing). When the monster refused to leave despite Jayden warning him, the Megazord performs its Double Katana Strike  which slammed the monster in his face but he was completely unfazed. The Rangers realized that they needed their greatest firepower and resort to the Samurai Battle Cannon, which finally did the trick and destroyed Armadeevil once and for all with the Battle Cannon Blast.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength-Even whilst he isn't using his shell, Armadeevil is a formidable opponent. Single punches to Jayden and Mia, after they tried and failed to slice through his shell in their initial attack, sent them flying and easily throwing Octoroo to the ground at the start of the episode when he was trying to stop Armadeevil from entering.
  • Durability-Even ignoring his massively strong shell, Armadeevil was hit right in the face by the Tiger Drill Charge and the Double Katana Strike but only yelled in pain each time, neither attack seeming to faze him,
    • Nigh Indestructability-Armadeevil, thanks to his nearly indestructible shell, took multiple attacks including multiple slashes from the Spin Swords and the Samurai Megazord's Samurai Strike without a scratch. Even energy blasts from the Hydro Bow and Forest Spear  just bounced off of his shell. It took the power of Kevin in Super Samurai Mode (having had his shell weakened) and the Samurai Battle Cannon to take him down for good.
  • Super Speed-Even with his massive shell, Armadeevil was able to run at incredibly fast speed which is how he fled his original battle.
  • Powerful Roar: Armadeevil can let out a roar strong enough to induce fear into Bulk and Spike.
  • Agility-As a possible byproduct of his super-speed,  Armadeevil proved to be very agile in spite of his massive shell since, whilst fighting Mia and Jayden by himself, he spun and danced all over the place.
  • Mega Monster Transformation-When destroyed once, Armadeevil can assume his gigantic Mega Monster form.
  • Ball Roll: Armadeevil's signature attack where he retracts his body into his shell and turns into a metal ball to attack his enemies. This took down all five Rangers with one hit and wiped out the Samurai Megazord.
  • Ball Hop-Armadeevil can bounce around in his ball form and could even bounce along the water of the Sanzu River, as shown when he first appeared.
  • Mouth Laser: Armadeevil can fire red laser beams from his mouth which are strong enough to take down all five Rangers with one blast.


  • Sanzu River Reliance: If Armadeevil has been away from the Sanzu River for too long, he must return to the Netherworld and rehydrate or he will dry up.


  • Claws-Armadeevil has large, bendable, and razor-sharp claws on all five fingers that he can use to hack and slash his enemies with.

Behind the scenes


  • Armadeevil is voiced by Mark Mitchison, who voiced General Shifter three years before and would go on to voice Creepox a year later.
    • Armadeevil's voice was identical to the one that he would later give Trickster in the Halloween episode and a slightly different version became that of Creepox.


  • Armadeevil is the only villain shown to be capable of surviving the Samurai Megazord's Samurai Strike since even Master Xandred himself was finished off by a super powered variation of it.
  • Armadeevil is one of only two monsters of the week that the Samurai Rangers fought which required a strategy, the other being Duplicator,
  • Armadeevil's personality has been drastically changed from that of his counterpart. Marigomori was originally a very timid and cowardly Nighlock (which is why he can be seen cowering in some shots, most noticebly when he says "Ooooh, I'm shaking in my boots!" whilst reacting to the Claw Armor Megazord) even though Armadeevil is supposed to be a prideful and arrogant monster (This may have been a sarcastic remark however).
    • This change was likely made to try and match his power level more accurately since someone with this much power would likely not be this timid.
  • The monster's defeat is different than his Sentai counterpart because he monster's counterpart debuted before Super Mode and DaiKaiShinkenOh did, As a result, instead of facing Kevin in Super Samurai Moide and the Claw Armor Megazord, Armadeevil's counterpart was taken down by the Fire Smasher in Cannon Blast mode and suffered the same fate as the defeat of his first life when he grew. The Rangers weakened him  by using the fire of the Beetle Blaster Megazord to cook the carapace, then the Swordfish Fencer Megazord to rapidly cool it, making it fragile enough for the Tiger Drill Megazord to defeat the Nighlok's counterpart.
    • The footage of the Claw Armor Megazord is recycled from "Super Samurai"(which is why the two never appear in the same shot as one another) and the footage of the cannon shooting him is from the Fire Smashers' Fire Strike (which is why the blast apparently morphs into a tiger made of fire before it shoots into him. The entire sequence of Kevin in Super Samurai Mode is a US creation, The shot of the Double Katana Strike hitting him is the exact same shot as the Tiger Drill Charge hitting him (hence why the tiger drill arms can be seen instead of the katanas the Megazord uses).
      • This discrepancy in Sentai footage is also why his death shot is a split-screen of the Battle Cannon and him exploding. If they didn't edit it this way, the Tiger Drill Megazord would be standing off to the left of him instead of the Claw Armor Megazord and Samurai Battle Cannon.
        • As it is, when Armadeevil says "Ooooh, I'm shaking in my boots!", the regular Samurai Megazord leg can be seen instead of the Claw Armor Megazord's one (which has the Clawzord's leg hanging over the top of it).
  • Armadeevil is very similar to the Soccadillo monster eighteen years earlier.
    • Both were horribly arrogant, both were armadillo based, both had nearly indestructible shells , both were fought by he primary Megazord of their respective foes, both could fire energy from thier eyes, and both could retract into thier shells for a wheel like attack.
      • It should be noted however that the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers never actually destroyed his armor whereas the Samurai Rangers managed to crack Armadeevil's.
  • It is unknown how Xandred didn't know about his existence, as unlike Switchbeast, whom Xandred also didn't know about, there's no indication that Armadeevil is affiliated with Serrator.
  • In a Power Rangers Samurai Flash game on the Nickelodeon website, Armadeevil was a boss, but was given the name Marigomori, the same name as his Sentai counterpart.
    • This was because Armadeevil had yet to debut and they likely hadn't created a name for him at that point.


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