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The Armada Mothership.


The Armada Mothership is a horse-like spaceship used by the Armada as its main base of operations and headquarters. It is mainly controlled by the royal members of the empire, and it is within it that Vekar oversees the invasion, with Damaras planning his moves, Argus ensuring his protection, and Levira working on her diabolical scientific projects. Afterwards, Mavro takes over. It contains an array of mighty lasers as its weaponry and it is very strong, though far from the offensive and defensive power of its forerunner and contender, the Warstar Insectoid Warship.



After Warstar is defeated, the Armada invades Earth with a series of invasions, only for all of them to be thwarted. Fed up with the delay of conquest, Mavro sent the Armada Megazord for his son, Vekar, to use against the Rangers, only for it to fail, resulting in the death of his firstborn. Some time after Vekar and Vrak perish, Mavro arrives, destroying the fleet surrounding the main craft and replacing it with his own imperial fleet. From this point on, he personally called in the shots for the invasion of Earth. During the final invasion of Earth, the Rangers managed to crash the Armada Mothership, killing Mavro in the process and ending the Armada threat once and for all.

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