This article is about a/an evil Megazord in Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

The Armada Megazord is a robot designed and created by Emperor Mavro as a gift to his son Prince Vekar. Although it's unknown exactly how it is built he has the Royal Guards bring the robot which Vekar deeply admires. Vekar thinks that the Megazord is a chance to prove himself better than his brother Vrak.

Power and Abilities

As stated by the Royal Guards this Megazord is equipped with the latest technology such as powerful Quasar Lasers. These are showcased during its first battle with the Legendary and Q-Rex Megazords and when they combine to form the Legendary Q-Rex Megazord.

During battle the Megazord can move at high speeds to evade ranged attacks. Its arms are equipped with bows that can fire Armada Arrows and are also bladed to be utilized for close combat.

While its opponent is incapacitated the Megazord can fire an energy blast from its chest known as the Armada Galactic Strike as it's strongest attack since it blasts the opposing Megazord apart.

The Armada Megazord is finally destroyed by the Ultimate Legendary Megazord killing its pilot in the process; the Emperor's attendant and Vekar's guardian Damaras finds his Prince's smoldering body in the wreckage and swears revenge on the Rangers.


  • Like the Levira Megazord it has the face of its pilot on its chest.
    • Unlike the Levira Megazord it isn't created by its pilot. Also, Vekar dies when his Megazord is destroyed whereas Levira survives but is destroyed outside her Megazord.


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