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"As if you're the only ones with this technology? With this almighty weapon, nothing can stand between me and my triumph."
―Vekar showing off the Armada Megazord to the Rangers.[src]
"What goes around comes around. Be prepared to be annihilated!"
―Vekar returning in the Armada Megazord after the death of Argus.[src]

The Armada Megazord was a massive robot bearing a heavy resemblance to Prince Vekar and served as his personal Megazord.


The Armada Megazord was a robot designed and created by Emperor Mavro as a gift to his son Prince Vekar. Once it was complete, Marvo sent two Royal Guards as his advance guard to Vekar alongside this Megazord which Vekar deeply admires and thinks that the Megazord is a chance to prove himself better than his brother Vrak. He initially went to Earth whilst Noah fought Argus and made him leave before unveiling the Megazord. They formed the Legendary Megazord and Q-Rex Megazord. They had no idea what it could do so they summoned the Turbo Falcon but were easily outmatched so they formed the Legendary Q-Rex Megazord. However, it was quickly outmatched and wiped out by the Armada Galactic Strike. Thinking Troy dead, Vekar retreated back to the Armada Mothership.

Later on, after the Royal Guards were destroyed and Noah killed Argus, Vekar went into a rage and went after the Rangers again (in spite of Levira and Damaras objecting) and went back to Earth in his Megazord. They formed the Q-Rex and Legendary Megazords again before summoning the Mystic Dragon to perform the Ancient Power, Mystic Spell Seal attack which Vekar's Zord broke free of. They then summoned the Minizord to perform its Ninja Zord Attack but the Armada Galactic Strike made short work of them before it used its arrows to stun the Megazords and disable the Turbo Falcon. They then bickered over conquering Earth and the Rangers' determination gave them access to their ultimate formation so they powered up the Zords to form the Legendary Engine Cell. Once inserted into the Turbo Falcon, it allowed them to form the Ultimate Legendary Megazord, the most powerful formation of all. He tried to defeat them with the Armada Arrows but they were unfazed and it was overwhelmed by the formation's missiles and Drill Strike. The Rangers then charged up the finisher and performed the Flying Fist attack, ramming through the Megazord and destroying it. Vekar failed to escape and was killed by the explosion. After the battle, Damaras finds his Prince's smouldering body in the wreckage and swears revenge on the Rangers.

Power and abilities

  • Strength: Single slashes from the Armada Megazord stunned and shook up the Legendary Q-Rex Megazord and it was strong enough to easily break through the Mystic Dragon's finisher.
  • Durability: The Armada Megazord took multiple missiles from the Ultimate Legendary Megazord as well as its Drill Strike and was only shaken up.
  • Super Speed: The Armada Megazord is extremely fast, dodging around as a blue energy streak fast enough to avoid the Turbo Falcon's lasers.
  • Armada Galactic Strike: The Armada Megazord's signature attack where it charges blue energy with yellow specks inside of it into its chest and then fires a devastating blue laser from the center of its chest. This was strong enough to decimate the Legendary Q-Rex Megazord, seeming to kill Troy in the process, take out the Minizord during its Minizord Attack, and badly damage the Turbo Falcon.


  • Arm Blades: On the Armada Megazord's wrists, large blue blades are mounted with the left one doubling as a bow.
    • Armada Arrows: The Armada Megazord can fire large red-black arrow like energy from its bow.


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