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"Yes your majesty. Give the word, and I'll send in the second wave of X-Borgs to finish them."
―Argus' first words after Prince Vekar mentioned that the Armada's invasion was going well.[src]

"Hello Blue Ranger. The only way to get past me is to fight."
―Argus confronting Noah for thier final battle.[src]

―Argus' final word before his death.[src]

Death of Argus.jpg

Argus was a cyborg villain-general who served as the personal bodyguard to Prince Vekar working for the Armada, alongside Princess Levira and Damaras.


Argus' origins are unknown but it is likely that he was built by the empire that The Armada was a greater part of and assigned the mission of being Vekar's bodyguard.

Argus accompanied Vekar and his flunkies to Earth in the Armada to Earth in light of the failure of Warstar. He noticed the Armada Mothership, when Vekar calls the Armada to start the invasion. After witnessing the Super Mega Rangers defeat Headridge and Tentacus, Argus tells someone to come up with something before Vekar finds out and becomes upset. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Super Megaforce

In "Samurai Surprise", he finally fights the Mega Rangers in battle on Earth.

He finally comes face to face with Noah shortly after the Armada Megazord destroyed the Legendary Megazord and easily overpowered him with his Solar Slash. Whilst he looked for Troy (who went missing after the Megazord was defeated), Argus attacked him again and tried to finish him off but a determined Noah used his Super Mega Saber to deflect his Solar Slash back at him, critically damaging him before Noah finished him off with two strikes across the chest. Argus was utterly shocked but quickly shut down and fell onto his back before exploding. The death of Argus enraged Vekar and made him launch a second attack on Earth which ultimately led to his death. Tvicon.png TV STORY-All Hail Prince Vekar


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Powers and Abilities


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  • Strength: Argus was able to take down any of the Rangers with single slashes and sent Noah flying back with one swing of his sword.
  • Expert Swordsman: Argus is an excellent swordsman who took on five Rangers at once without breaking a sweat and fighting Noah off one-handed. The only way he was ever killed was when his own attack was knocked back at him.


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  • Argus's Sword

    Sword: Argus is armed with a giant silver/grey sword for use in combat.
    • Ground Spark Wave: Argus can slam the tip of his sword into the ground and cause a line of spark to rush across the ground and smash into his enemies. This knocked Noah off a cliff with one hit.
      • Solar Slash- Argus's signature attack where he channels white energy into his sword and slashes diagonally, creating a massive energy wave of the same color reaching from his head to his feet before smacking it forward into his enemy. This was virtually invincible and a single successful hit was able to demorph and badly harm Noah.

Behind the Scenes



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  • His name is based off of Argus Panoptes, a giant in Greek mythology known to have 100 eyes around its body.


  • The reason why Argus fights and gets destroyed by Noah is that his Sentai counterpart was a mentor to Joe Gibken before being fatally wounded in an explosion and being made into a mindless cyborg by the Zangyack.
    • He is also similar to the Messenger from the previous season as both of their Sentai counterparts were originally human before turning into cyborgs while both of them in Power Rangers are full robots.
  • A Galaxy Warriors Contestant from Power Rangers Ninja Steel who Galvanax claimed "looked weak", was a reuse of Argus himself in the first card that Cosmo Royale had passed over.


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