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The Argo System (アルゴ座系 Arugo-za-kei) is a greater star system, though labeled by its Kyutama as 89, it is more accurately a union of a trio within the 88 constellation systems: Ho, containing the planet Vela, Ryukotsu, containing the planet Keel, and Tomo


USK-Kyutama 89

Argo Kyutama

The Argo Kyutama (アルゴキュータマ Arugo Kyūtama, lit. Argo Nine Ball) is the Skill Kyutama, completed by the trio of Ho (86), Ryukotsu (87) and Tomo (88), which embodies the greater constellation Argo Navis. It is used to summon the Argo Ship.


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