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Argo Ship

For the character from Mirai Sentai Timeranger, see Argo.

The Argo (アルゴ船 Arugo-sen, Ship Argo) is a legendary spaceship based off the greater system of the same name, and target of the Kyurangers with commander Shou Ronpo proclaiming it as the key to defeating Jark Matter. Having resurfaced as a ghost, the late Rebellion supreme commander Big Bear reminded Shou of the Argo and its importance and so he revealed as the new objective of his now eleven-man Kyuranger team. Space.10: A Small Giant, Big Star! The warrior Tsurugi Ohtori has been asleep in the Argo for 300 years.


Argo Kyutama

The Argo Kyutama (アルゴキュータマ Arugo Kyūtama, lit. Argo Nine Ball) is the Skill Kyutama, completed by the trio of Ho (86), Ryukotsu (87) and Tomo (88), which embodies the greater constellation Argo Navis. It is used to summon the Argo Ship.



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