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Arazinlar is Vader Monster "43" of the Vader Clan.

Character History

Arazinlar is a Vader Monster who takes the guise of "Aladdin", the female genie of a magic lamp given to Daigorou by an old man. While using her magic to grant wishes to Daigorou and the kids, her main purpose was to use her powers and Daigorou's naivete to sneak into Denzi Land and either destroy the Denziman or steal DaiDenzin for the Vader Clan. After gaining the trust of Daigorou, she uses her magic to create a mind-control machine to discover one of the entrances into Denzi Land; once the Denziman catch on, they manipulate the elevator she and her Dustler followers were on to end up at a department store, preventing her entrance.

Seeing the disconnection of Daigorou and the lamp as key to restoring his sanity and dependence on its magic, Arazinlar tries another scheme to get into Denzi Land by becoming an anpan and sneaking in through Daigorou's bag of anpan at the health club when he asks Akira to get them for him during his confinement at Denziman's base. When Daigorou tries to eat the anpan Arazinlar, she reappears and immediately seizes control of Denzi Tiger and DaiDenzin; however due to a failsafe where no one but Denziman can use it, she is thrown out of DaiDenzin mere moments after it has formed. Finally removed from his obsession with the lamp, DenziBlue fights the Vader Monster and defeats it with the Blue Rocket; the team then quickly defeat Arazinlar completely with DaiDenzin.


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Her main ability is a control of magic which possesses wish fulfillment: any wish asked of it can be granted by rubbing the lamp (either the physical lamp it controls or, in her case, rubbing her own head) allowing for anything that is asked for to appear. She also possesses various shape-shifting magic for disguise and infiltration, change his size, spawn psychic explosions from rubbing her head, summoning rope, teleport, and control a scimitar using telekinesis.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Arazinlar were designed by character designer Ryuu Noguchi.


  • Naming: "Arazin" - "Aladdin" (in reference to the hero of the Middle Eastern folk tale likewise referred in "The Book of One-Thousand and One Nights", also known as "Arabian Nights").


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