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Arash (アラッシュ Arasshu) is the cruel and fearless Demon King of Wind (風の魔王 Kaze no Maō) of the Neo Deboth Army.

Character History

Arriving at Earth, Arash recalled that the Power Dinos had warded off Deizarus from the planet a million years prior. King 1: The Birth of a New King!

Following the appearance of the three Brave Dino Force Rangers, Arash appeared on Earth to face them while punishing the Deboth Army defectors Candelilla and Luckyuro only to be fought off by new Rangers Brave Green Dino and Brave Pink Dino. King 2: Come on, New Warriors!

Among his fellow generals, Arash witnessed the arrival of the space mercenary Juhyeok, who offered to defeat the Brave Dino Force Rangers for Deizarus. King 3: Gabugaburincho, We're a Team!

In their conference, Arash learnt that Deizarus suspected Juhyeok to hold the Power of the Dragon King. King 6: Brother! Howling Crying Soul!

Once Deizarus confirmed that Juhyeok held the Power of the Dragon King, Arash, having not seen action for some time, offered to draw it out for him only to be denied by Weihab, who proceeded himself to ensure success. King 9: I'll show you! The Largest Combination of the Strongest!

When Neo Deboth was challenged by Juhyeok, Arash met him on Deizarus' behalf alongside Raimein and Homuras. Overwhelming Brave Gold Dino, the generals were matched by the arrival of the four Rangers followed by Juyong. Arash was beaten back by Brave Green and Pink Dino before enlarging as Raimein and Homuras left. Ultimately, Arash was destroyed by Brave Gigant TyrannoKing. King 10: Farewell! Brave Gold Dino


He wields a trumpet that can also function as a gun resembling Killbrero's trumpet.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enlarging: As a member of the Neo Deboth Army, Arash possesses the ability to enlarge himself at will.


  • His name comes from storm ( arashi).


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