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"Did somebody say monster? Arachnor is my name and sordid matters are, shall we say, my game."
―Arachnor's first words when introducing himself to the other villains. after Diabolico asked for a monster.[src]
"You will not defeat me!"
―Arachnor after being shot from a pylon he was standing on by Carter and his final words before his death.[src]

Arachnor is a spider demon that served Diabolico. She appears as as the primary antagonist of the episode "Web War".


Arachor (Or a demon of the same species) was first seen in the Shadow World amongst a mass of defeated demons. Sorcerer of the Sands

He was later among the demons absorbed by Olympius. Olympius Unbound

Arachnor officially debuts in the thirty fifth episode when he appeared in the Skull Cavern after Diabolico asked about a monster. Arachnor was a very powerful monster as he could scan Rangers's weapons and find their weak places. The monster also could make a strong web. Arachnor also could make spider eggs and he needed to feed her babies. Arachnor attacked the city with an army of Batlings and started kidnapping people. The Rangers appeared and destroyed the Batlings, but Arachnor scanned the weapon of Rangers and disappeared. In the next encounter Arachnor fought only with four Rangers without Carter. Arachnor easily defeated the Rangers as he knew their weapons and captured them. When Carter appeared Arachnor turned into a spider and followed Carter to the Aquabase. The sinister spider monster kidnapped all people on the Aquabase including Captain Mitchell and Mrs Fairweather, and held them captive in the web. The Rangers are held captive in a web, along with other civilian victims. The spider eggs are in the center and were about to hatch. But the baby spiders and web were destroyed by Carter's Rescue Blaster who also freed the Rangers. Carter then used the Trans Armor Cycle to form his new Battlizer at which point he fought Arachnor. The monster was angered when his scans couldn't comprehend such a well designed device and shot Carter but the wheels on his shoulders deflected them. He then shot him from the pylon and shot forth the tires to force the monster into flying at him. Carter then destroyed Arachnor with a single charged shot from his arm blasters. Web War


Arachnor is a very aggressive monster that will do anything to feed his babies. He is shown to be very devious, manipulative and unpredictable as he kidnapped the Rangers and all people on the Aquabase. He is also highly arrogant and confident as he underestimated Carter and it finally led to his demise. But he is also loyal to Diabolico.

Powers and abilities

  • Webbing: Being a spider-type demon, Arachnor can produce webbing.
  • Energy Laser Web: From his three-clawed right arm or mouth, Arachnor can fire a light blue energy laser that will turn into a sticky web on contact with his pray.
    • Teleportation Casting: Anyone caught in Arachnor's web will be teleported by him.
  • Lightning Blast: Arachnor can fire blue lightning from his hands.
  • Fireballs: Arachnor can shoot fireballs from his three-clawed right arm.
  • Scanning: Arachnor can scan the Rangers' weapons by flashing his eyes and making them digitized.
  • Teleportation: Arachnor can teleport to any location at will.
  • Wall Climbing: Being a spider-type monster, Arachnor can climb walls.
  • Spider Transformation: Arachnor can transform into a spider at will.


  • Claws: Arachnor has clawed hands for combat.

Behind The Scenes



  • Like Smogger and Moleman, Arachnor does not get revived into a giant and engage in a Megazord battle unlike his Japanese counterpart.
  • Spiderus, Arachnor's counterpart, was originally the first monster attacked and killed by the V-Lancers before being grown and destroyed by the counterpart to the Lightspeed Megazord.
    • The reason this was changed was because they wanted to include Ryan as a character, who did not exist in GoGoFive, and wished to find a new way to defeat him. The entire reason the Trans-Armor Cycle exists is to cover the plot hole that he couldn't be defeated by the V-Lancers due to their very simple designs.
  • Arachnor is the first and only monster to be fought by the Trans Armor Cycle since The only other times it was used were during "Rise of the Super Demons " alongside the to destroy Olympious and in the Lightspeed Time Force team-up where it destroyed Vypra for good.
  • Arachnor is one of the more gender confusing monsters in Lightspeed Rescue, due to her having spider eggs, many fans believed that Arachnor was a female monster, but he has a more male-like voice and was given male suffixes.
  • In the Power Rangers S.P.D. episode "Idol," Arachnor's head and arms were recycled for an S.P.D. cadet that is present when Anubis Cruger returns to Delta Base.
  • Arachnor is unique among Lightspeed Rescue monsters as he was not seen to be created from one of Jinxer's cards. He seemed to be a pre-existing monster that aligned himself with the Demons, possibly to prevent them from destroying him, if they took over the world. The original footage of Diabolico summoning Arachnor, from a card, with Jinxer's help, was not used.
  • Arachnor, similarly to Treevil is shown in the Shadow World, as being previously destroyed, before gaining his own episode.

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