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""Ah, the Tengen Temple. A symbol of Nighlok defeat.""
""I defeated 4 rangers, and besides it was my plan!""
―Arachnitor last words before being mutated into a talkless mutant and his death much later[src]

Arachnitor was a spider themed Nighlok and one of the strongest monsters in the entire Power Rangers franchise. Arachnitor served Master Xandred at first but then betrayed him and decided to usurp him and become a ruler of Nighloks himself. Arachnitor is notorious nighlok and is greatly feared by all nighloks, including Octoroo. Arachnitor serves as the main antagonist of the episodes "The Tengen Gate", "Boxed In" and "Super Samurai".  


Arachnitor was a notorious Nighlok with a fierce reputation as one of the most powerful nighloks. Arachnitor was greatly feared by all nighloks, including Octoroo. Arachnitor served Master Xandred at first, but then decided to overthrow his master and become the ruler of nighloks himself and conquer the human world. In the seventeenth episode, Arachnitor decided to overthrow Xandred by sealing him, while Xandred was in anger and was absorbing energy at Sanzu River. Arachnitor arrived at the Junk of Master Xandred and came to Octoroo. In his desire for power Arachnitor demanded Octoroo to help him overthrow Xandred and Octoroo, greatly fearing him, agreed. Arachnitor decided to usurp Xandred's throne by sealing Xandred and for this plan he ordered Octoroo to kidnap Jayden and obtain the sealing symbol of nighloks sealing spell. Arachnitor, Octoroo and Moogers attacked the temple Tengen Gates, when Power Rangers arrived to the guards of the temple, who were their friends, including Daisuke, in the goal to find Black Box to stop Sanzu River. Octoroo poisoned the team's drinks and Jayden took a sip and became sick. His friends morphed and Rangers battled Moogers. Meanwhile, Antonio came to Deker, not knowing about his identity, and competited with him in cooking. But rangers called Antonio and he left Deker. After defeating moogers, rangers fought Arachnitor and were quickly outmatched. Arachnitor used his claws, web, as well as energy blasts in battle using which he easily defeated the Rangers. Meanwhile, Octoroo came to Jayden and asked Red Ranger to give him a symbol of sealing, even offering an antidote in exchange for the spell. Then Antonio arrived and battled Octoroo, but then Deker arrived and kidnapped Jayden, much to Antonio's shock. When Antonio returned to his friends, they were already heavily injured and Arachnitor was laughing, but suddenly Xandred dragged him back to the Netherworld and as punishment for betrayal, he forced into him a massive amount of energy gathered from the Sanzu River, turning him into a mutated, mindless Nighlok. The Tengen Gate

After his mutation, he went to Earth to destroy the Rangers. The Rangers were overwhelmed by him and his energy discs but he was eventually taken down by the Quintuple Slash with Antonio powering it up. However, giant Moogers (possibly sent by Octoroo or Xandred) arrived; due to being a more immediate threat to the city, the Rangers destroyed them first, but by then, Arachnitor has already escaped back to the Netherworld. Boxed In

Arachnitor returns in Super Samurai sometime after leaving footprints in a puddle of Sanzu River water, making it known that a Nighlok is staying in our world without drying out by using that puddle. He is first seen terrorizing a suburban area by the Rangers and puts up a good fight until he escapes again from the Rangers by stepping on the air - Jesus-on-water style.

The Rangers follow him to what it seems to be an abandoned worksite with an area covered in puddles of Sanzu River Water with some back-up of Moogers. Although his sidekicks are defeated, he easily trashes the Rangers until Antonio gives Jayden the Black Box and having Jayden go into Super Samurai Mode. Him and the monster battle but he overwhelms Arachnitor and deflects his energy disks and destroyed the monster by performing his ultimate move, the"Super Blazing Strike". He grew with some giant Moogers and Spitfangs assisting him and the Samurai Megazord and Claw Battlezord East which dodge the Spitfangs' fireballs. Antonio told Jayden to unleash the full power of the Black Box and they form the Claw Armour Megazord which overwhelms a crowd of Moogers and destroys the rest with it's Double Katana Strike. Although only Arachnitor and the two Spitfangs were left, the Megazord was severely shaken up by the blasts so they summoned the Tigerzord, Swordfishzord, Beetlezord, and Octozord to form the Samurai Battle Cannon. However, because of the amount of Symbol Power it required to use, they had to withstand two rounds of Spitfire fireballs. Quickly, however, they lock onto the three and fire the cannon, destroying Arachnitor and the Spitfangs once and for all with the Battle Cannon Blast.Super Samurai (episode)


At first Arachnitor was cunning, devious, sneaky and perfidious Nighlok, who desired for power and wanted to overthrow Master Xandred at any cost. He served Master Xandred at first but then betrayed him and decided to usurp him and become the ruler of Nighloks himself. Arachnitor is notorious nighlok and is greatly feared by all nighloks, including Octoroo. He considered himself a brave and intelligent monster but after being punished and mutated by Xandred, Arachnitor became a mindless and violent brute, even more cunning and devious in his goal to destroy the Rangers.

Powers And Abilities

Normal Form

  • Strength: Even whilst In his weakest form, Arachintor is incredibly strong. When leaping at the Rangers, a single swing of his pincers knocked back Mia. A single strike of his claws on both girls easily knocked them down.
  • Durability: Arachnitor may not be at his strongest in this form, but he can take some extremely powerful hits. Blasts from Kevin's Hydro Bow, which would later destroy Rhinosnorus, merely knocked him over.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Arachnitor is extremely good at hand to hand combat, easily being able to overwhelm four Rangers.
  • Enlargement: Like all other Nighlok, Arachnitor can enlarge himself after being defeated.
  • Gap Teleportation-Arachnitor can transport himself into the Netherworld using gaps, allowing him to escape battle.
  • Incredible Jumper: Arachnitor can jump high enough to dodge Emily and Mia's Spin Swords. He later used it to avoid the blades of all four Rangers before attacking them with a spin attack.
  • Spin Attack: Arachnitor can very easily spin around and race forth, rapidly lashing his pincers out at his enemies as he goes. This is one of his most powerful attacks and could easily take down Mia, Emily, Mike, and Kevin.
  • Web Spit: Arachnitor can fire red energy from his mouth that can turn into webbing. It was strong enough to restrain Mia and Emily.
    • Electrocution: Arachnitor can charge up his webs with red lightning to electrocute his enemies.


  • Arm Blades: Arachnitor has sharp curved red blades on his arms to use in combat.
    • Energy Empowerment: Arachintor can charge up his arm blades with red energy and slash with immense force and power. This was powerful enough to send Mia and Mike flying as well as demorph them.
      • Energy Discs: Arachnitor can charge up his arm blades with the same red energy but this time, he can throw them as energy discs. These easily cut down Emily and Kevin.

Super Form

  • Strength: Arachnitor is now one of the strongest monsters in the series, knocking down the Rangers with single slashes from his pincers and being able to take Jayden's Spin Sword out of its Fire Smasher mode just by blocking it.
  • Durability: Arachnitor is nigh invulnerable now, displaying impressive feats of immunity such as when he was completely unfazed by a red energy slash from Jayden's Spin Sword and later survived the Quintuple Slash (empowered by Antonio) without getting a scratch. Even multiple slashes from Jayden's Super Spin Sword with minimal reaction which means that only Super Samurai Mode and the Claw Armor Megazord's Samurai Battle Cannon can harm him or destroy him.
  • Horn Lightning Blast-When first confronted by the Rangers in his second form, Arachnitor was able to unleash devastating red lightning from his front-most horns that caused large explosions and made the Rangers cringe.
  • Tentacle Whiplash-After the failure of his horn blasts, Arachnitor was able to shoot forth tentacles from his torso sharp enough to explosively knock down all four Rangers present.
    • Tentacle Wrap-As shown during his final battle, Arachnitor can use his tentacles to entangle his enemies and render them helpless on the ground.
  • Chest Energy Blasts-Arachnitor can fire red energy from the eyes on his chest as shown when Jayden says "This just got a lot tougher, I'd better backpedal."
  • Gap Teleportation-Arachnitor can transport himself into the Netherworld using gaps, allowing him to escape battle. However, this was never actually shown on-screen.
  • Energy Discs: Arachnitor retains his ability to throw energy discs but they are now colored pink and come from the mouth on his torso. These are also far more powerful and are his strongest attack because they easily wiped out all six Rangers.


  • Pincer Claws: Arachnitor's arm blades have been replaced with razor sharp pincer-like claws that can cause small fiery explosions every time they hit the Rangers.
  • Spitfangs-During his final battle, whilst giant, Arachnitor used two Spitfangs to shoot fireballs at the Rangers by forcing back their heads to spew out their attacks.

Behind The Scenes



  • Arachnitor is one of the strongest monsters in Samurai and maybe the entire franchise, being able to nearly kill four of the Rangers even in his original form and was only defeatable using Super Samurai Mode. The only reason that he initially left was because Xandred forced him to leave. He was so powerful that even Octoroo was scared enough to follow along with his plans and Xandred himself was clearly threatened by his power seeing as he went out of his way to deal with this rebellious Nighlock.
  • Arachinitor is one of the extremely few monsters who is not destroyed in the same season. He debuts in Samurai, but is not destroyed until Super Samurai a year later.


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