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―Arachne Minosaur's final words before its death[src]

The Arachne Minosaur (アラクネーマイナソー Arakunē Mainasō) is an Arachne-themed Minosaur from the Warfare Tribe Druidon, created from the negative emotions of Misako Iimura, based on her frustration over getting her students to follow school rules.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Taboo Inducement: The Arachne Minosaur can place school rules as taboos to entrap any person who breaks the rules in a detention room.
  • Enlarging: The Arachne Minosaur can enlarge itself using its host's negative energy.


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  • Weak Physiology: The Arachne Minosaur is physically weak and lacks basic combat skills.
  • Vulnerability to Taboo: The Arachne Minosaur is also prone to its own power, which if it breaks a rule, all the people trapped in its detention room will be freed.


  • Whistle: The Arachne Minosaur carries a whistle as its only weapon.
    • Remote Teleportation: Through its whistle, the Arachne Minosaur can teleport the rule breakers to a special detention room by blowing on it.

Minosaur Info

  • Minosaur Attribute: Half-Beast, Half-Human Monster
  • Place of Distribution: Rule School
  • Experience Point: 335

Behind the Scenes


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  • Arachne Minosaur is based on Arachne, a talented mortal weaver who challenged Athena (goddess of wisdom and crafts) to a weaving contest which resulted in Arachne being transformed into a spider.

Concept Art


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  • The Arachne Minosaur's EXP value (335) is a Goroawase pun. It can be read as mi (3) - sa (3) - ko (5), which is the name of its host, Misako Iimura.
  • Arachne Minosaur's catchphrase, "Rururu", is the sound used to call a fox in the drama "Kita no Kuni Kara".


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