Alien rangers

The Aquitian Rangers unmorphed.

Aquitians are humanoid aliens originating from the planet Aquitar that look very much like humans except for their heads. An Aquitian's head is slightly larger than a human's and, from the shape, possibly lacks the upper skull. The face of an Aquitian is covered with cartilaginous ridges that resemble a mask, encircling the entire head. Female Aquitian are capable of growing hair, which can be seen jutting out of the back of their ridges. While they can eat the way humans do, they appear to feed on pure water for the sustainment of their life force. Their voices also sound as if they are submerged under water.

Although highly evolved, Aquitians cannot survive without a constant source of hydration, as their planet is known for being a planet submerged in watar. Due to this, an Aquitian cannot survive on Earth for extended periods without coming into contact with a water source. This can be achieved through a metabolic absorbtion process, being doused with water (such as a car wash), or as little as drinking water. The source of water must be generally pure however, as water with impurity will only achieve minimal effect in rehydrating an Aquitian.

Notable Aquitians

Sentai Kakurangers

Alien Rangers Morphed

Several Aquitians are named during Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, and they are as follows:

Aquitians in other Power Rangers series

Aquitians have become one of the most famous races of aliens in the Power Rangers universe, possibly for being one of the first shown and possibly for having their own series. Aquitians have appeared in several other series since Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, including:

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