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"I am at your service, Diabolico."
―Aquafiend's first words after being summoned from his lair.[src]

"You can't keep a good monster down."
―Aquafiend’s first words after being enlarged by Vypra.[src]

Aquafiend is a water-themed Kappa demon who serves as the primary antagonist of the episode "Neptune's Daughter".


This water monster lives deep in the lagoon, and was summoned by Diabolico to steal Neptune's trident, a great source of power, and use it to drain Mariner Bay's water supply so the demons can attack the Aquabase. He successfully managed to sneak pass Neptune while he was sleeping and steal the trident. Aquafiend then went to a magic pond and at the bottom used the trident to drain all of the water. The Lightspeed Rangers managed to find the pond, and Chad dived into it to find the trident, only to discover it was a trap for Aquafiend to ambush him. Chad managed to outmatch the monster and take back the trident, which he threw to Carter. Angered, Aquafiend jumped out of the water and attacked the Rangers, demanding the trident, prompting Carter to blast the monster with the Rescue Blaster. Aquafiend summoned Batlings to battle the Rangers, but they were all easily defeated. He took on Carter, Dana, Kelsey, and Joel again and had the upper hand until the Red Ranger swung by, grabbed the monster, and made him hit head first into a tree. With the monster weakened, the Rangers fired all their Rescue Blasters at the same time to destroy him. Vypra appeared and used a card to enlarge the monster (as well as forcing Chad to make the decision to either give the trident to her, or she will harm Marina), with the trident being enlarged as well so the monster can use it. However, Chad took a third option: summoning the Mega Battle Armor and using the Water Cannon to scare off Vypra and the Batlings and free Marina. While Chad went back to the Aquabase to aid Marina back to health, the other Rangers summoned the Omega Megazord to battle Aquafiend. The monster had the upper hand at first, but the Rangers increased the Megazord's power to land a massive headbutt on the monster and toss him over. Aquafiend was greatly weakened, and with the combined powers of the Omega Megazord's Omega Missile and the Omega Slash attack, the demon was destroyed for good and the trident was returned to Neptune. It is unknown what happened to his lair after his demise. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Neptune's Daughter


Aquafiend took great pleasure in destroying the Lightspeed Power Rangers and draining water. He shows loyalty to Diabolico and takes his mission seriously.

Powers and Abilities


  • Water Adaption: True to his name, unlike all other demons, Aquafiend can traverse through water.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: Aquafiend can leap incredible distances.
  • Size Alteration: Aquafiend was able to make Neptune's trident grow.
  • Lightning Breath: Aquafiend can fire lightning beams from his bird beak-like mouth. The color of the beams depends if he is either in sea or on land; if he fires them underwater, they are colored blue and if he fires them on land, they are colored green.


  • Batling Summoning: Aquafiend can summon an army of Batlings to aid him in battle.


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  • Neptune's Trident: With the trident that he had stolen from Neptune, he can use it for melee combat.
    • Water Drainage: Aquafiend can also use the trident's power to drain the water from within his lair.

Behind the Scenes



  • His motif is based off the Yokai Kappa.


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