Icon-tokkyuger.pngThis article is about a/an changer in Ressha Sentai ToQger.

"ToQ Change!"
―Transformation call[src]

"ToQ 6gou, ToQ 6gou!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

ToQ 7gou Applichanger

Applichanger (アプリーチェンジャー Apurichenjā): The smartphone-themed transformation device of Akira Nijino, ToQ 6Gou, as well as Conductor as ToQ 7gou.


The Applichanger has different apps each with different functions:[1]

  • Call Mode - Used for communication.
  • Change - Used to transform. When Akira presses the Henshin app button, the phone slides open to reveal a small track on which he swipes his Ressha along. The same as in ToQ Changer, the Applichanger announces a long phrase ("Now transforming! Please stand behind the white line!" (変身いたします!白線の内側に下がってお待ちください Henshin itashimasu! Hakusen no uchigawa ni sagatte omachi kudasai)). Like his fellow ToQgers, he can transform by shouting "ToQ Change! HA!!" and after transforming, The Applichanger announces the ToQger by number. Unlike the ToQ Changer, the Applichanger can be used to transform regardless of the user's imagination or affinity with light, allowing it to be used without issue by Z and even Ticket.
  • Build Ressha - Used to summon the Build Ressha, when Akira presses the Build Ressha app button, the phone slides open to reveal a small track on which he swipes his Ressha along. The Applichanger announces a long phrase ("The Ressha is arriving! Traveling with safety first!" (烈車がまいります!安全第一で運行いたします Ressha ga mairimasu! Anzen daiichi de unkō itashimasu))
  • Drill Ressha - Used to summon the Drill Ressha, when Akira presses the Drill Ressha app button, the phone slides open to reveal a small track on which he swipes the Drill Ressha along. The Applichanger announces a long phrase ("The Ressha is arriving! Please hold on tight to the straps for it will be shaky!" (烈車が参ります!揺れますので吊革におつかまりください Ressha ga mairimasu! Yuremasu node tsurikawa ni o tsukamari kudasai))



  • The word "Appli" is short for "application", an allusion to the Applichanger's functions.
  • "SmarPho" is short for "smartphone", an allusion to the Applichanger's theme.



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