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"That's not an artistic way to go!!"
―Apostle of Infinity Voffa's final words before his death

Apostle of Infinity Voffa (無限の使徒・ヴォッファ Mugen no Shito Voffa) is an Evolian composer who creates the giant Giganoids from musical compositions using his piano.


He is an amoeba that grew and evolved to take on a more humanoid shape with a crystal-like head. He likes to refer himself as a Maestro of Destiny itself and doesn't like his compositions to be heard until they are complete. He did start to like Earth pop music a bit during his visit to Another-Earth.

Voffa was angered by the fact that Mikoto Nakadai had become the Evolian leader. But after Mikela's plan succeeded in identifying Mikoto as Dezumozorlya's other half, Voffa was able to take advantage of the fact that Mikoto's Bakuryuu TopGaler and Stegoslidon had abandoned him which lead him to create a new Giganoid. His plan was to trick Mikoto under the pretense that Immortal had the data to counter every present Bakuryuu combination, but with the intention of having it absorb Mikoto to awaken Dezumozorlya's other half.

While the Abarangers ruined his plan, it was able to awaken the Dezumozorlya fragment within Rejewel. He and Mikela ended up being merged back into one as DezumoVoorla to serve as a host for Dezumozorlya after they had set the preparations to revive Bakurenoh as Dezumozorlya's ideal body.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Eye Blast - Voffa is able to fire a blast from his single eye.


  • Giganoid Creation- Voffa is able to create Giganoids by playing a musical score on his piano, and after he is done, he will give said Giganoid a Life Berry, which cause the Giganoid's body to form from the musical composititon.


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Behind the Scenes



  • His design is based on an amoeba, a crystal, and a composer.

Concept Art


  • Voffa is named after German classical musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (ヴォルフガング・アマデウス・モーツァルト Vorufugangu Amadeusu Mōtsaruto).


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