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"I hate the Power Rangers! But the Black Ranger I hate most of all!"
―Jeanne in the parody dub

Apostle of Destruction Jeanne (破壊の使徒ジャンヌ Hakai no Shito Jannu, 2-32 & 40-48) is a female warrior bent on destruction. She has a strong grudge against Abare Black and was the third to wield the Armor of Darkness.


Before becoming the Apostle of Destruction, Jeanne was Mahoro (マホロ Mahoro), Asuka's wife from Dino Earth. The day after her wedding, she and her brother Mizuho were sent to infiltrate the Evolian Palace but were found and captured. While captive, Dezumozorlya sought to use her to create a new body for him to inhabit. When she resisted, the Wicked God brainwashed her into believing that Asuka never tried to rescue her and instead pursued another woman. She was filled with hatred and gave into Dezumozorlya, who impregnated her using his DNA. She then took up the name Jeanne and joined the Evolien side. Sometime later, her child by Dezumozorlya, the Apostle of Dawn Reje, was born. However, the newborn's soul wound up divided into two; one half was controlled by Dezumozorlya and the other became an unnamed girl. Despite giving birth to her, Jeanne showed no affection to Reje, only seeing her as a mouthpiece for their master.

Mikoto meets Jeanne.

While the Evoliens attempted to conquer "Another Earth," Jeanne repeatedly challenged Abare Black, hoping to settle her grudge against him. To that end, she repeatedly used the Armor of Darkness despite not being able to control it. After the destruction of the second Anamolicarus, Jeanne was restored to her original self by Asuka, who took up the Armor of Darkness to free her.

Jeanne fights AbareBlack as the Armor of Darkness.

Although the Abarangers found her and figured out who she was, they put her up in the Dino House after seeing she had lost her memory. Taking up her old name, she worked in Dino House as a waitress and befriended the Abarangers and their allies (including bonding with Mai when they and Emiri were once trapped in an elevator Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 35: Abare Nadeshiko, Seven Changes VS!). After finding out about Asuka wearing the Armor of Darkness, her memory came back.

Mahoro re-assumed her Evolian identity as Jeanne again.

To save her husband, Mahoro re-assumed her Evolian identity as Jeanne and teamed up with Abare Killer to force the armor off Asuka. After he was freed, she returned to the Evolians, but was no longer under Dezumozorlya's influence.

Jeanne fights Asuka again.

Jeanne was entangled.

Feigning loyalty to her Evolien allies, Mahoro used her position to supply intelligence to the Abarangers in secret (such as leaking the information of AbareKiller's connection to Dezumozorlya through Trinoid 12: Yatsudenwani Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 42: The Thing Hidden in the Abare Kid) until Dezumozorlya learned of her treachery and detained her again. While she was being rescued by Asuka and Ranru Itsuki, Mahoro was able to relinquish her guilt over her actions and also recognize that Reje was really her child with Asuka, not Dezumozorlya. In the end, she returned with Asuka and her infant to Dino Earth to start their lives anew.

AbareBlack saves Mahoro inside DezumoGevarus.

During the Final Episode, a family that resembles Asuka, Mahoro, and Reje entered the Dino House much to the Abaranger's surprise.

Dekaranger vs. Abaranger

Mahoro in Dekaranger.

She returned to Earth during the ending of Dekaranger vs. Abaranger to join the party.

Boukenger vs. Super Sentai

A photo of her is briefly seen in GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai when Asuka explains to Eiji Takaoka his problems in leaving Dino Earth to help fight against Chronos.


Mitsuki as Jannu.

Envisioning the girls in his life cosplaying Sentai characters, Nobuo Akagi decided that Jeanne was a fit for Mitsuki Aoyagi's strict personality. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 4: Forbidden Delusion! The Lame Blue Corruption!

Armor of Darkness

Armor of Darkness

Main article: Armor of Darkness

Jeanne was the third and final person to wield the Armor of Darkness, which she inherited after killing Geilton. At first, she had trouble wielding it, which occasionally led to injury and she personally attacked Asuka, with the intent of learning how to use it. As she continued wielding the armor, she became obsessed with revenge against Asuka. After Asuka learned that Mahoro is Jeanne, he chose to defeat her and take back the armor to save her.

In this form, she wields the armor's gladius-like sword as her main weapon instead of the axe that Geilton had used.


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Powers and Abilities


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  • Longsword: When not donning the Armor of Darkness, she wields a red-handled longsword.
  • Gladius Sword: When donning the Armor of Darkness, she wields the armor's gladius-like sword instead of her original sword.
  • Magatama: An ammonite shell-like magatama (勾玉) used to contain the power of the Armor of Darkness and as her transformation device to equip herself with the armor. It can also be used for controlling Bakuryuu that fell under her control or to help search for Bakuryuu.
  • Fortress Lifeform Anomalogaris (1, 2, 31, 32, 49 & 50)

Behind the Scenes


Jeanne/Mahoro is portrayed by Eri Sakurai (桜井映里 Sakurai Eri). As a child, she was portrayed by Haruki Ichikawa (市川 春樹 Ichikawa Haruki) and Asuka Minowa (味野和 明日架 Minowa Asuka). When she donned the Armor of Darkness, her suit actor is Yoshinori Okamoto (岡本美登 Okamoto Yoshinori).


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Concept Art


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  • In the Dino Thunder episode Lost & Found in Translation, she was named "Missy".
  • While her suit is not used in Dino Thunder, her sword and the scabbard was used as a part of Elsa's arsenal.


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