This article is about a/an tribe in Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.

The Apelo Tribe (アペロ族 Apero Zoku, 9 & 10) were the guardians of the orchards in the Kingdom of God until Dora Cockatrice tricked them into eating the holy fruit that they were forbidden to eat. Fallen from grace, the Apelo were exiled to Dalos Island.

After Witch Bandora's entrapment, the Apelo were entrusted with the last two Dinosaur Eggs to safeguard. When Bandora learns of this, she sends her forces to take the eggs from the Apelo as Euro makes his way to Japan to find the Zyurangers. Though they fail, Euro's new-found friend Emiko and the Zyurangers plead in the Apelos' defense and Daizyuzin lifts his curse, allowing the Apelo Tribe back to his domain.

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