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Antonia Mary Prebble (born 6th June 1984 in Wellington, New Zealand) is the actress that played Krista in "The Passion of Conner" and "Thunder Struck, Part 2" of Power Rangers: Dino Thunder (including archive footage in "A Test of Trust"), Nova Ranger in "Endings, Part 2" of Power Rangers: SPD and the roles of Clare and Niella in Power Rangers: Mystic Force.

Interestingly, she has appeared in two Power Rangers finale episodes as a non-main character.

Personal Life

In her family, Antonia is the middle of three children, having an older sister and younger brother. Antonia studied ballet for 8 years and also plays the flute, the recorder and guitar. She comes from a family in the public eye. Her grandfather, Kenneth Prebble, was the Anglican Archdeacon of St. Matthews. Her uncle Mark Prebble is State Services commissioner, and head of New Zealand's public service since 2004. Her other uncle Richard Prebble is former Labour Cabinet Minister and ACT Party leader. Her father John is a lawyer and Victoria University Law Professor. Her aunt Kate runs a popular Bed & Breakfast in Auckland. She started out studying law at Wellington's Victoria University in 2002/03 but changed from an LLB to an Arts degree (Psychology and either English/Theatre studies) after a tour of England. She is currently half-way through her degree.

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