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"This creature Mesogog keeps poisoning my mind. I've never wanted this for you."
―Anton explains his situation to Trent[src]

Anton Mercer is a scientist and the adoptive father of Trent Fernandez-Mercer. He is the human form of Mesogog, albeit unwillingly.


Anton Mercer is the head of Anton Mercer Industries. He has a painful past that he would rather not talk about, even with his own son, Trent. He used to work with Dr. Tommy Oliver on combining Dino DNA with technology with one of their creations being the Tyrannodrones. The lab and island that they worked on was destroyed, but both Anton and Tommy survived. Anton, along with Tommy, resurface at Reefside. He was not pleased to see Tommy had survived and not interested in what had happened to their experiments.

Anton Mercer walked into Hayley's Cyberspace, prepared to pick up his son, Trent, from work. Trent was very busy and was unable to leave. Anton did not think much of Trent waiting on tables. It didn't scream Mercer. He wanted his son in a more managerial position. Anton glanced around the place, trying to think of a way that would work for them both. Trent tried to tell him that he liked his job, but Anton merely smiled at his son and told him that he would see him later. Anton was at home in his office, when Trent walked in. Anton pointed out that he was late. Trent explained that Dr. Oliver gave him a ride home and that they had car troubles. Anton accepted this explanation. Trent wanted to know why he and Dr. Oliver didn't hang out together. Anton explained that people come in and out of your life and that Dr. Oliver had been in it for awhile. But now they have gone in different directions. Anton changed the subject to something more important. He told Trent that he discovered whoever owned the land that Hayley's sat on, owned Hayley's. Anton had purchased the land and was now the landlord. Trent was shocked. Hayley Ziktor was his friend and boss. Anton corrected him, friend yes, boss no. Trent would be the new boss of Cyberspace. Trent felt as though his father didn't care about how he felt. Anton had taken that into consideration, but in the end, felt it what he had done was best for the family. Trent could only glare at his father. The following day, Anton walked into Hayley's with several of his people behind him. He started issuing orders on tearing down the walls, but keeping the computers. Hayley stopped him and told him that he didn't own the place yet. As much as he disliked saying it, he told Hayley that you really couldn't fight city hall. Anton was taken aback when councilwoman Sanchez announced that yes you could. Councilwoman Sanchez told Anton that she had great pleasure in telling him that the paperwork for Cyberspace has been put on hold. Anton thought Tommy was responsible for what happened. Tommy did have a part in it, but councilwoman Sanchez told him that it was his son who convince her that Hayley's needed to stay as a safe haven for kids in the community. Anton was a little flustered at what his son had done. He had only been interested in helping his son, he walked out, knowing he was defeated for the moment. As he walked outside, he overheard Ethan's gloating remarks. Which did not make his mood any better.

Anton Mercer found Trent in his home office. He had to speak several times to him before Trent replied. Anton listened as Trent told him that something strange was going on. He tried to blame Trent's working at the coffee shop as the reason for Trent's rambling. Anton told Trent he was going to have him see his doctor. Trent didn't want to see a doctor, he wanted to know what was going on and demanded that he had the right to know. Trent's tone did not set well with Anton. He wanted to know when did it become okay to speak to his father like that. It was obvious Trent was not going to give up on the inter-dimensional doorway he had seen. Trent also wanted to know about Anton's numerous projects he was involved in. Anton assured Trent that all his projects were for the betterment of mankind. He walked up to his son and told him that one day Trent would inherited all that he had. It came with a great responsibility. One that Anton planned on introducing his son to very soon. In the meanwhile, Anton suggested that Trent used their pool. They had the nicest one and Trent never used it. He left his son in a very confused state.

Anton Mercer was in his home office and heard Trent come in. As Trent walked by, he pointed out that Trent was late. Anton valued punctuality. Trent explained that he had plans, but Anton was more concerned with his own plans. He stressed to Trent that one day he might be gone. Trent wanted to know where he was going. Anton allowed a small smile and told Trent that he was going nowhere right now. He emphasized to Trent that it was important that Trent be ready to take care of the family business. The following day, Anton was impressed to see Trent at his desk covered with papers. He asked him what he was doing. Anton was pleased that Trent was going over business figures. He told his son that he could do anything he put his mind to, and walked out.

Anton Mercer was reading in his home office. He heard Trent walked in and asked him how his day at school was. Trent replied that it was okay. Anton hoped that Trent had thought about their last conversation, Trent had, but Trent was angry. Trent didn't like being told not to draw anymore. Anton reminded Trent that when his parents disappeared that they had agreed he would act as his father. Sometimes fathers make decisions that the children don't like. During this conversation, Anton began to feel hit. He began to break out in a heavy sweat and almost went into a daze. Trent asked him if he was okay. He turned away from Trent and pulled himself together. His tie had become to tight, and he loosened it as he assured Trent that he was okay. Softening his voice, he told Trent that he had work to do and told him to go. Trent left and Anton sagged back in his chair for a moment. He got up and looked out into the hall. The invisiportal appeared and Anton faced it. He took a moment before entering the invisiportal.

Anton Mercer had a unique situation. His body was shared between Anton Mercer and Mesogog. Anton Mercer decided whether to be himself or let Mesogog take control. His transformation back to himself from Mesogog was getting more difficult. Mesogog was trying to control the transformation. But Anton was determined that he would stay in control before Mesogog controls him. Although Mesogog put up a fight, Anton was able to transform back to himself. He walks out of Mesogog's fortress the self-possessed man he has always been.

Dr. Mercer walked into Reefside High School and entered the science class. Principal Randall had just announced to the class that Dr. Mercer had graciously accepted teaching the class until Dr. Oliver can return. Dr. Mercer smiled at the surprised looks he saw. He gave Principal Randall a smile for her kind words. Principal Randall left the class with instructions that they were to treat Dr. Mercer with the same respect as they had given Dr. Oliver. Dr. Mercer started the class by telling them what an honored it was to teach them. He also pass out permission forms for a field trip tomorrow. Dr. Mercer tried to talk to his son Trent after school. He wanted him to get in the car, but Trent would have nothing to do with him. Trent walked away, but Dr. Mercer made sure to tell him that they would talk later. The following day, Dr. Mercer lead the science class on their field trip to the dinosaur museum. He walked ahead of the class and told the about the various artifacts placed around the room. During the field trip, Dr. Mercer left the group and found Cassidy. He told Cassidy that he didn't want her to miss any of the interesting artifacts. Cassidy sputtered and tried to tell him that Kira was also wandering around, but Dr. Mercer didn't give her a chance. He lead her firmly back to the class. Later, Dr. Mercer was dressed in Mesogog's clothing. He was standing at a table with various liquids. Anton was sweating and shaking as he tried to make the serum that would allow him to continue his control over Mesogog. Mesogog wasn't about to let that happen and against Anton's will, Mesogog emerge.

Dr. Anton Mercer reappeared at Reefside High School. He spotted two students watching something going on outside. It was Ethan and Termitetron. Conner was one of the students, and he was ready to leave to help Ethan, when Dr. Mercer stopped him. He put his hand on Conner's shoulder and told him to stay put. Later, he was in science class, writing on the chalkboard when Kira and Ethan rushed in. Ethan apologized for being late and asked what they missed. Dr. Mercer continued with his work as he told the two that what they missed they could make up in detention after school that after. Dr. Mercer watched as Derrick tripped Ethan. Dr. Mercer called on Derrick and told him that there was a student handbook which told the students to treat each other with curtsey and respect. Dr. Mercer also placed Derrick in detention for that afternoon, so that Derrick could review the handbook. After school, Dr. Mercer supervised the detention of the three students in his class. He watched the clock and made sure that the students were not dismissed one second earlier. When it was exactly 4:00, Dr. Mercer gave Ethan, Kira, and Derrick a curt dismissal before he walked out of the room. Tvicon TV STORY-Bully for Ethan

Dr. Anton Mercer walked out into his backyard and saw Trent battling several Tyrannodrones. Dr. Mercer paused for a moment, before continuing to walk. Trent told his father he needed something tougher than Tyrannodrones to practice his battle skills on. Dr. Mercer replied that he could see that. Trent sat down and looked at his Dino Gem. Dr. Mercer sat down as well. Dr. Mercer told Trent that he didn't like the new changes in Trent. Trent told his dad that he was getting stronger every day and soon no one would be able to defeat him, and "that's what his dad wanted". Dr. Mercer told Trent no that was what Mesogog wanted. Trent was confused and told his dad that he is Mesogog. Dr. Mercer told his son it wasn't by choice. Dr. Mercer then told his son how he had conducted his experiments - feeling he was on the verge of a major breakthrough. The experiments had been too dangerous to test on anyone, but himself. The experiment had turned him into Mesogog. Trent thought they were on the verge of bringing back the dinosaur era - something his father wanted. Dr. Mercer corrected Trent again, it was what Mesogog wanted. Dr. Mercer told his son that Mesogog had poisoned his mind. That he never want this for his son. Trent snapped back that it was a little too late now and left. Dr. Mercer absorbed his son's words as he sat alone. Later, Dr. Mercer could hear his son pleading with him. Mesogog had captured Trent and planned to eliminate him. Dr. Mercer fought to break free to help his son. Dr. Mercer took a moment to get his bearings and then twirl around to see his son with a beam aimed at him. Dr. Mercer rushed over and knocked the beam aside. The laser hit several objects, as Dr. Mercer covered Trent, before hitting the Dino Gem. Dr. Mercer shook his son awake and asked how he was. Dr. Mercer undid the straps as Trent told him that he felt like himself again. Dr. Mercer examined the Dino Gem. The laser had erased the evil coding of the gem, but it still contained the powers. Trent didn't know what he was going to do. Dr. Mercer walked around him and told him to do what he wanted to do. Dr. Mercer's legs gave up and he collapse to his knees. He stayed in the position by grabbing onto the chair. Mesogog was trying to break through. Dr. Mercer told his son that he had to leave now. But Trent wanted to stay and help his dad. Dr. Mercer told him that he would find a way to solve his problem, but that Trent needed to go and do something good. Trent was surprised when Dr. Mercer told him to help the Rangers. Trent couldn't fight against his father. Dr. Mercer had the utmost faith that Trent would do whatever was necessary. Trent vowed to tell no one his secret, before leaving. Dr. Mercer had a small smile on his face, happy that he had sabotage a piece of Mesogog's plans.

Dr. Mercer continued teaching at Reefside High School. One morning, he was telling the class about the crocodile when he felt Mesogog trying to emerge. Dr. Mercer abruptly stopped speaking and turned his back towards the class. He tried to fight off Mesogog and muttered "not now", hoping that would stop him. Dr. Mercer turned back to face the class and tried to regain his cool composure he usually demonstrated at school. But it was no use, Mesogog was still trying to emerge. Dr. Mercer quietly asked the class if they could excuse him for a moment. He walked out of the class and out of the school building. Dr. Mercer fought against Mesogog emerging, telling himself to hang on. He clutched one hand, determined that it wouldn't turn into just three fi. Dr. Mercer had his eyes close, concentrating, when Trent's voice reach him. Dr. Mercer told his son to go back to class, but Trent insisted that he needed help. Dr. Mercer whipped his head to face Trent. One blue eye and one amber eye glazed at Trent, as Dr. Mercer wearily begged Trent to just go. Reluctantly, Trent left his father. Worn out, Dr. Mercer no longer had it in him to fight off Mesogog. The transformation began as Dr. Mercer entered the invisiportal.

Dr. Mercer was in his greenhouse working on plants, when he heard Trent's voice asking him if he was making Brussels Sprouts edible. Dr. Mercer asked Trent what he was doing here and Trent told him he had heard that he had won the Greenleaf Award in botanical research. Dr. Mercer accepted Trent's hug and graduations. But as he told his son, he wished all his experiments were as successful. Trent asked him if he had worked out how to control Mesogog. Dr. Mercer groaned as an answer. Trent offered to ask the Rangers' for help, but Dr. Mercer said no. He knew he could figure it out, he just needed time. Trent reluctantly accepted his decision. Cassidy and Devin burst into the greenhouse for an interview. Cassidy introduced herself to Dr. Mercer and he reminded her that he knew who she was - as she was in his class. Dr. Mercer allowed a small smile as Cassidy realized what Dr. Mercer was correct. Cassidy proceeded with her interview. Cassidy asked Dr. Mercer about his award. Dr. Mercer told Cassidy it would be award enough for him if he could make the plants survive in any environment. Devin realized the possibilities as he said that would mean people anywhere could grow their own crops. Dr. Mercer acknowledge Devin's statement with a nod and proceed to another part of the greenhouse. Cassidy, Devin, and Trent followed him. Dr. Mercer smiled when Cassidy asked him if they were seeing a kinder, gentler, Anton Mercer. Trent answered for his father, stating that all his dad's research had been for the benefit of mankind. Cassidy then asked Dr. Mercer if he had any failures. Dr. Mercer told Cassidy that like any scientists, he has had his share of failures. As he spoke, the memory of Mesogog flashed in his mind. And that memory seem to trigger Mesogog. Dr. Mercer had to turn away as Mesogog fought to appear. As Dr. Mercer struggled for control, Devin commented that Dr. Mercer didn't look so good and asked him if he had the mystery meat in the cafeteria. Trent realized what was going on and ushered Cassidy and Devin out of the greenhouse. Trent told his dad he would see him in a little bit. Dr. Mercer lost control, and Mesogog appeared. Later, Dr. Mercer received his Greenleaf Award. He went to Hayley's Cyberspace looking for Trent. Trent spotted him and came over. They found a quiet spot and Trent asked him if he was okay. Dr. Mercer told him he was and told him that he wanted to give Trent his award. Trent told him that he deserved it, but Dr. Mercer didn't accept that. Dr. Mercer told Trent that he had done more to help people than he had. Trent told his dad that he knew that he would find a solution with Mesogog. Dr. Mercer didn't seem so sure, and when he left, he was filled with tension.

Anton Mercer tossed and turned in his sleep. His dreams were punctured with Mesogog, Trent, and himself drinking the potion. Anton Mercer sat straight up as he woke up and it took him a moment to realized that he was dreaming. He told himself that he had to put an end to this.

Anton Mercer was at home. He was working and going through various papers and signing some of them. Anton ran across one of Trent's drawings. He stopped to take a closer look at it. Another drawing of Trent's was on his desk. Anton picked it up and a chuckle escape him. He stared at the drawing and an idea came to him. Anton placed the drawings down and picked up his phone. He placed a call. The call would enable Trent to work together with Carson Brady (a comic book artist) on a comic book when Carson's publishers did not want to support an unknown artist.

Dr. Anton Mercer walked into Mesogog's fortress. He was surprised to see Trent laying on the floor. Dr. Anton Mercer raced to his son's side and asked him if he was okay. Trent replied that he was okay, just a little dizzy. Anton helped Trent to his feet. He looked around and asked where Elsa was. Trent didn't know. Mesogog began to try and break free. This time Anton fell to the floor as he fought to stay in control. Trent yelled at him not now and to try and fight it. But Anton couldn't, Mesogog was too strong. Anton urged Trent to go, but Trent was always reluctant to leave his father. The screen showed the Rangers battling Ruby Dragon, and not doing well. Anton told Trent that his friends needed him. Trent left and Anton lost control to Mesogog. The following day, Anton entered Reefside High School with Trent. Tommy, Conner, Kira, and Ethan stopped them and Tommy asked Anton how he was doing. Anton told Tommy he heard they were looking for a new principal. Tommy, surprised, asked Anton if he was interested. Kira immediately piped up and told Tommy that Dr. Mercer was far too busy to run a school. Ethan agreed. Anton smiled and told everyone to relax, that Kira was right. At that moment, his pager went off. Anton smiled at Trent as he reached into his coat pocket for his pager. As he did so, the Ruby Dragon card fell out of his pocket. Ethan bent down and picked it up. Ethan asked Dr. Mercer how he had gotten the card. Anton replied that he honestly didn't know how he got the card. He asked Trent if he was his and with a forced smiled, Trent replied that it wasn't his and he didn't know how it got there. Anton began to feel ill as Mesogog tried to emerge. Anton fell to his knees and Tommy asked him if he was okay. Tommy wanted to get help and that motivated Anton to take off. Anton told him no as he took off running. Tommy went after Anton, along with Kira, Conner, and Ethan. Trent followed as well, pleading with them to leave his father alone. Anton raced along the halls and called over his shoulder to please leave him alone. He watched in dismay as his hand tried to turn into a claw. Anton run into the science room and was trapped. He could not fight Mesogog any longer. Anton turned to face Tommy, Kira, Ethan, Trent, and Conner. Anton transformed into Mesogog. Mesogog accused Trent of betraying him, which Trent denied, claiming he had never betrayed him. Conner then accused Trent of betraying them. Anton was able to briefly transform back. It sapped his strength, and he fell to his knees. Anton looked at his son and apologized to him before teleporting away.

Mesogog had come up with a potion that would rid him of his one weakness - Dr. Anton Mercer. When Mesogog drank the potion, with some difficulty, Anton Mercer was separated from Mesogog. In a state of shock, Anton Mercer fell to his knees and then to the floor. He laid completely still on the floor, his eyes wide open. There was no response from him, as Mesogog told the Tyrannodrones to take this worthless creature away. The Tyrannodrones dragged Anton Mercer away.

Dr. Anton Mercer was placed in a big gyroscope by Mesogog. Anton Mercer felt himself spin in every direction within the contraption while Mesogog mocked him. Mesogog told Anton Mercer not to worry, soon all his troubles will fade to black. Anton was very weak when he was finally taken out and placed in a storage area. He sat there, barely hanging on, until his son Trent arrived. Trent helped Anton to his feet. Anton tried to apologized to his son, telling him it was all his fault, but Trent didn't have time to listen. They needed to get off of Mesogog's island fortress before it exploded. All around them, equipment was shooting off sparks and pieces of the building were falling. Anton could not keep up with his son and feel to his knees as Trent raced ahead. Trent return and pulled his dad back to his feet. Anton held onto his son, as Trent raced to get them to safety. Anton and Trent managed to fall out of the sky and land on the ground in a rock quarry in front of Trent's friends. Trent helped Anton get up to his feet. Kira, Conner, Ethan, and Dr. O raced over to their sides. Dr. O asked Trent about Mesogog and Trent replied that he believed Mesogog didn't make it, but just in case, and revealed that he had the Dino Gems. Anton looked at Tommy and told him he didn't know what to say. Tommy told Anton that they would talk later, they still had Zeltrax to contend with.

Anton Mercer, Hayley, and the rest of the Rangers went to Tommy's lab. When they arrived, they discovered that the place had been destroyed. Conner had spotted a small box among the rumble and asked Hayley what it was as he handed it to her. Hayley replied that it was similar to a black box and it contained a security camera. Hayley hooked up the box to a laptop and played the security tape. The security tape revealed that Zeltrax had destroyed the place and taken Elsa once more. Anton was filled with guilt and told them all that it was all his fault. Trent told him that he could not be blamed for what he did as Mesogog. Tommy agreed, this was between himself and Zeltrax. Anton said if it wasn't for Mesogog, but Tommy wouldn't let him finish the sentence. Tommy told Anton that they can't change the past and that they should all be glad that Mesogog was gone. Later, the Rangers would destroy Zeltrax and Mesogog. Anton attended the Reefside Senior Prom. He was standing with Trent and Tommy. Tommy asked Trent what were his plans. Trent replied that he was really excited because he would be attending art school in the fall. Tommy asked Anton how he felt about it. Anton told them he couldn't be prouder. Anton asked Tommy, the man who had done everything, what his plans were. Tommy told him he planned to stay and lead the quiet life of a teacher. Elsa joined them and told them she didn't know about that as she heard the new principal was a real hard nose. Anton put his drink down and facing Elsa, asked if an old friend would care to dance. Elsa was delighted and they walked away together. Anton and Elsa enjoyed themselves on the dance floor. When Tommy introduced the band as Kira Ford, Anton, Elsa, and the rest of the crowd cheered as she played.


At first, Anton is shown to be cold, aloof and manipulative, especially towards Trent and Tommy. However, it's just a façade to keep the fact that he is Mesogog from them. Once it's revealed what happened to him, he warms up toward Trent at exactly the same time that Trent discovers his secret, because he allows himself to let down his guard because he no longer has a secret to keep from him.

During the series, he has lots of conflicts with his adopted son, as Mercer wants to prepare Trent for the business world and thinks his drawing hobby and afterschool job at Hayley's are beneath him. It's hinted that he's potentially preparing Trent to handle being on his own in case he loses his internal battle with Mesogog. In the finale, after he is freed from Mesogog's influence, he is much more supporting towards Trent's hobbies.


Powers and Abilities[]

  • Invisiportal: Anton Mercer is able to teleport to any location using an invisiportal.
  • Forceful Takeover: Anton can force control away from Mesogog, but only for a limited moment.

Behind The Scenes[]



  • While Dezumozorlya and Rije are not actually adapted into Power Rangers properly, Anton's status as the host of Mesogog, Dezumozorlya's Dino Thunder counterpart, makes him similar to Rije, who served as the host for Dezumozorlya for most of Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.
    • Anton's role is also similar to Trent's Sentai counterpart Mikoto Nakadai whose personality and role in the series was similar to his as Mikoto had the other half of Dezumozorlya within him, much like how Anton had Mesogog within him.


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