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"These barrels are heavy!"
―Antennatron 2.0's first words when lugging around barrels of Morph-X with Blaze.[src]
"How could you?!"
―Antennatron 2.0's final words before his death[src]

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Antennatron 2.0 is an antenna-themed Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2.


Antennatron 2.0 was created by Robo-Blaze off screen in order to help him to steal enough Morph-X to rival Robo Roxy's flower powers and to act as muscle should the Rangers arrive. He was first seen with Blaze outside of a Morph-X Tower in Sector Oscar A-3 stealing barrels of Morph-X when the Rangers arrived and fought the Robotron and Blaze unmorphed. Devon, Ravi, and Zoey fought Antennatron 2.0 whilst Nate and Steel (in the wrong bodies due to an error in the upgrade chamber) fought Blaze.  The Robotron was overwhelmed by multiple punches and kicks to the face and Blaze withdrew both himself and the Robotron after the Beast-X Blaster's Beast-X Blast was unleashed on them. They returned to the Crystal Dimension where Blaze had Scrozzle upgrade him using the stolen Morph-X.

Once this was accomplished, Antennatron accompanied Blaze to the warehouse district where he once again stole Morph-X barrels until the Rangers arrived. Knowing that he hadn't stolen enough Morph-X, Blaze went to get more whilst Antennatron 2.0 fought the Rangers in a fight which ended when he took them down with an energy missile. However, the Rangers summoned their Beast-X Visors and activated Beast-X Mode and Devon took him down with the Beast-X Cheetah Charge. However, before he could kill the Robotron, Blaze returned and morphed before slashing away the cheetah and forcing it to revert back into Devon. Blaze, ruthless as ever, decided to test out his upgrade on Antennatron 2.0, and destroyed him himself with a devastating double energy slash, having decided that the Robotron had served his purpose. Antennatron questioned how he could be so heartless before being ripped apart in an explosion.


Antennatron 2.0 is a very trusting individual towards his superiors to the point of being shocked that he was killed for outliving his usefulness.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Antennatron was able to pick up and carry massive barrels full of Morph-X although it did apparently tire him out.
  • Durability: Antennatron 2.0 shrugged off multiple hits from the Beast-X Blaster's Beast-X Blast without getting a scratch.


  • Arm Blades: Antennatron 2.0 has massive red blades mounted on his arms for combat.
    • Energy Projectile: Antennatron 2.0 can fire a massive, orange triangular energy projectile from one of his arm blades which has a homing effect and explodes upon impact at the Rangers.

Behind the Scenes


  • Antennatron 2.0 is voiced by the same voice actor as the original Antennatron, Julian Wilson. and shares the same voice but the second version has a slightly less robotic filter on his voice.


  • Antennatron 2.0 was the only Robotron to be destroyed by Robo-Blaze.
  • In Go-Busters, Antennatron 2.0 was originally part of a group of Metaloids/Robotrons called Messiah Metaloids, monsters derived from objects infused with data obtained from cards created from the remaining data left from the main villain, Messiah, after he was originally killed. These were the strongest monsters in Go-Busters and required the new Powered Custom mode and a new Zord to defeat their MegaZord counterparts (the Beast-X King Zord's counterpart). Other Messiah Metaloids adapted for Power Rangers were Digitron, Controlatron, Tiaratron, Boxertron, and Bulldozertron.
    • Antennatron 2.0's counterpart was also the only Messiah Metaloid that wasn't a true Messiah Metaloid, only gaining the powers after being infected by a Messiah Card and going back to a normal Metaloid after it was removed.
  • In Go-Busters, Enter didn't destroy Parabolaloid 2, he took off the Card of Messiah and he was killed by the counterpart to Devon's Beast-X Cheetah Charge.
    • The reason for this was to showcase Robo-Blaze's power-up and demonstrate how strong he had become.

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