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"That's not important right now. There's a Gigadrone heading right for your sector. -I'm deploying the Zords now."
Commander Shaw informing the Rangers of Antennadrone 2.0's approach. The initial line is in reference to Devon trying to tell her about the stolen Morph-X.[src]

Antennadrone 2.0 is the final Gamma Model Gigadrone, created from the data of Antennatron 2.0 in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2. It appears in the episode "The Silva Switch".


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Antennadrone 2.0 was deployed shortly after Blaze overwhelmed all five Rangers and stole a lot of Morph-X. Luckily, the Gigadrone Detectors picked up on it. The Racer, Chopper, Wheeler, Wrecker, and Beast-X King Zords all deployed to fight it. Steel (possessing Nate's body due to an accident with the upgrade machine) changed the Beast-X King Zord into vehicle mode and the Racer Zord mounted it in order to launch an early attack.

Antennadrone 2.0 then arrived and opened fire on the formation but it was unfazed before the Zord changed back into lion mode and the Racer Zord dismounted whilst Steel changed it into Battle Mode. However, it proved too much so the Beast-X King Zord combined with the Chopper and Wheeler Zords to form the Beast-X King Megazord. The Beast-X King Megazord knocked it back and the Racer Zord locked sword with its rifle. Whilst so close, Devon summoned the Cheetah Beast Blaster and weakened Antennadrone 2.0 with the Cheetah Hyper Strike before the Beast-X King Megazord finished it off with the Beast-X King Hyper Beam. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Silva Switch

Powers and Abilities


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  • Strength: As the second version of Antennadrone, Antennadrone 2.0 has a great deal in strength, being able to knock back the Beast-X King Zord Battle Mode and Racer Zord with a single slash of its rifle.
  • Durability: Antennadrone 2.0 has thick armored skin that is powerful enough to withstand a blow from the Beast-X King Megazord's saber and survived the Racer Zord Battle Mode's Cheetah Hyper Strike.


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  • Laser Rifle: Antennadrone 2.0 carries a laser rifle to fire red-orange lasers at its opponents and use as a blade for close-range combat.

Behind the Scenes


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  • In Go-Busters, ParabolaZord 2 was destroyed before Parabolaloid 2.
    • This was edited for pacing reasons in Power Rangers since the director edited the fight between Antennatron, enhanced Blaze, and the Rangers before the Zord fight whereas it happened between the fights originally.
  • Antennadrone 2.0 is the final Gamma Model Gigadrone, the final Gigadrone to be made from the data of a Robotron, and the final regular Gigadrone overall.
    • Although Omegadrone came after Antennadrone 2.0, it was made independently of any other Gigadrone model.


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